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Independent Arabia: Unprofessional trumpet in the service of Saudi incitement

The Independent Arabia newspaper faces increasing criticism campaigns against the background of its transformation into a non-professional trumpet that lacks credibilty in the service of the Saudi regime and its inflammatory campaigns.

The Arabic newspaper, newly established, and despite the privilege of the well-known name, has been suffering from a professional and political deficiency in its press coverage, away from professional standards and minimum credibility.

Since the British Independent newspaper announced in mid-2018 a deal with the Saudi regime to launch four sites in the Arabic, Turkish, Persian, and Urdu languages, its credibility with the public is in deep decline.

It is not difficult for the reader to notice the ignorance in preparing, drafting and presenting the press materials of the Independent Arabia, in addition to the lack of professionalism and impartiality in the simplest limits, and adopting the method of indoctrination and domestication with readers and followers.

The “Independent Arabia” was launched after the British newspaper contracted the Saudi Research and Marketing Group “SRMG” affiliated with the Saudi regime.

At the time, it was claimed that the four websites aimed to publish news and analysis on international events and relations, as well as articles and reports translated from the mother English version.

On April 12, 2019, the launch of “Independent Arabia” was announced at a ceremony in Dubai, but its performance notes that its professional standards have not declined and are blatantly driven in the service of Al Saud.

The Independent Arabia has been harnessed for the purposes of inciting, distorting the media and fabricating the charges unfairly and publishing fabricated and fabricated scandals for the opponents of Saudi and Emirates system without the lowest standards of credibility or professionalism.

While Independent Arabia remained limited in its influence and spread in the Arab media, its media contents expressed their poor intentions and used a media tool to cover up the violations of the Saudi regime and its endless scandals.

And he has emerged in the performance of an Independent Arab in the form of exposing incitement to political Islam movements that the Saudi regime regards as his enemy, especially during the era of Muhammad bin Salman who always seeks to spread distortion and incitement.

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