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The Sun published a video clip of a luxury yacht for a Saudi minister

The Sun published a video clip showing a luxury yacht owners by a Saudi Minister Turki bin Muhammad bin Fahd bin Abdulaziz (costing $80 million) after completing maintenance at a Greek port, highlighting the huge amount paid by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to buy Yacht with $450 million.

The Sun said in a report, Prince Turki’s yacht, which is valued at 80 million dollars, returned to work after capsizing at a Greek port while undergoing maintenance.

The video shows the 24-hour process that has returned to the surface to revitalize luxury yachts, which lasted all night and included divers, hydraulic pumps and lots of manpower.

And overturning the “Noura Al Riyadh” yacht on March 8 while it is being taken out for maintenance. When the water was removed from the water for anti-fouling, things went wrong and the boat was sent into a collision in the water.

There were 12 people on board at the time, but all of them were able to safely get out of the yacht without injury.

A week later the yacht returned and was working thanks to workers at the Megatechnica shipyard. Divers can be seen jumping into the water to help tilt the boat, and hydraulic pumps and large buoys have been used to help with the project.

It took 24 hours long, but in the end the ship came back to work and saw its transfer to another port.

The yacht was purchased in 2008 by Prince Mohammed bin Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who later provided the ship to his eldest son when he paid $110 million in price for it.

The Nora Riyadh yacht can accommodate 18 guests overnight in 11 cabins: a master suite, a VIP lounge, two double cabins and six twin cabins.

There is also space for a crew of 16 sleeping in eight cabins below the deck. The yacht includes a cinema, whirlpool, gold-plated fixtures, a small garage and an elevator.


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