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Israeli celebration of new Saudi normalizer

The Israeli Foreign Ministry on Monday welcomed a new Saudi normalizer, Salim al-Rashed, after congratulating Jews on Saturday.

“Israel in Arabic” tweeter account published a video clip of the Saudi normalizer greeting “young women Shalom” to the Jews.

The page commented on the video, saying: “The Saudi citizen Salem Al-Rashed put this video via his Twitter page to congratulate the Jews in Hebrew on Saturday .. Young women Shalom to everyone in the region always.”

This is not the first time that Israel has published in Arabic a video of the accounts of Saudi activists. It published a video earlier this month commenting: “A Saudi citizen expresses his support for normalization with the State of Israel and calls for changing the Arab stereotype about Israel.” Changing this image will contribute to peacebuilding.

In August, Israel celebrated the Saudi publication Mohammed Saud, who recently visited Tel Aviv and met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry commemorated the Saudi publication, Mohammad Saud, who visited Tel Aviv recently and met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

And published a page “Israel in Arabic,” belonging to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a new video, “Saud”, showing a dialogue between “Saud” from Riyadh, and his Israeli friend “Hanania” from Tel Aviv, on the first visit to the occupation.

In the video, Saud claims that the Israelis call for peace and dream of it, and says that he found a great welcome within (Israel), calling on everyone to repeat his experience, and called on the Israelis to visit the occupation state.

The Saudi blogger has come under new criticism and attacks from Saudi and Arab singers.

Mohammed Saud himself is known as a blogger who teaches at the Faculty of Law at King Saud University in Riyadh. He claims that he has nothing to do with politics. He writes through his Twitter account in Hebrew and Arabic and puts the Saudi and Israeli flags.

He visited “Saud” (Israel), met with “Netanyahu” and his son, and a number of Israeli officials.

“Saud” has always stirred controversy through the “Twitter”, flirting in the occupation state, describing it as “an oasis of freedom and democracy.”

He was previously celebrated by the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s Arabic account in Israel and republished a video showing him congratulating Israel on Jewish Hanukkah.

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