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Huge scandals for the Saudi intelligence

The thunderous scandals haunt the policies and operations of the intelligence system of the Saudi system, which made it widely ridiculed by the exposure of its plans and its mismanagement, regardless of its hostile content.

Saud’s intelligence operations and plans have become a mockery that is supposed to be secretive, but it is known and available to all, not only to the security and other intelligence services, but also to the media.

What has been revealed about these “secret” operations is what the British Guardian newspaper published, that American intelligence alerted its British counterpart to the existence of a Saudi plan to monitor the fiancée of the late journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, Khadija Genghis, inside the British territories, last year.

Simultaneously, the American Daily Beast website published a story about a Saudi attempt to kidnap dissident Abd al-Rahman al-Mutairi from the United States, but the FBI knew of the “secret” plan, and saved al-Mutairi from Khashoggi’s fate.

Last year, American intelligence and foreign security services warned three of Khashoggi’s friends about the existence of a Saudi plan to take revenge on them, and the possibility of them being exposed to threats, and advised them to take measures to protect their electronic devices from penetration, as well as avoiding traveling to countries where Saudi Arabia has influence in Europe and Asia, and the transfer of their family members from these countries.

Even in the assassination of Khashoggi, information about the plans of the Saudi regime was leaked, and everyone talked about it in a way that became extremely ironic.

For example, the media reported that US intelligence monitored about a dozen letters addressed by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to his adviser Saud al-Qahtani, who oversaw the entire operation, during the hours leading up to the assassination and the hours that followed.

US intelligence also managed to uncover a conversation between the crown prince and those close to him in 2017, in which he says that if he cannot return Khashoggi to Saudi Arabia, he will make other arrangements.

According to the New York Times, bin Salman told Saudi journalist Turki al-Dakhil that he would kill Khashoggi “with a bullet” if he did not stop his criticism, and that this conversation was intercepted and monitored by the CIA.

Even the facts of the killing itself, recorded by the Turkish agencies in all their details, with the contents of the dialogues between Khashoggi and his killers, and became evidence of the undeniable condemnation of Bin Salman and his murderous team.

When several American media outlets published that the CIA had concluded Bin Salman’s direct responsibility for the operation, the most prominent evidence of this conclusion was a call that was monitored by American intelligence between Khalid bin Salman, brother of Crown Prince Muhammad, and the Kingdom’s ambassador to Washington at the time, with Khashoggi, telling him It states that he must go to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to obtain the documents he needs in order to marry his fiancée, Khadija, and reassure him that he will not harm him.

The American newspapers highlighted that Khalid bin Salman made this call at the direction of his brother, in order to draw him to kill him inside the Kingdom’s consulate.

The “Washington Post” also revealed that “the CIA” spotted another call, made by Maher Mutrab, the direct responsible for carrying out the operation, from inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, with Saud Al-Qahtani, informing him that the operation was “completed.”

All these secrets, calls and arrangements were publicly exposed, in an unprecedented precedent in the world of security and intelligence.

The disclosure of these secrets was not limited to the media and the intelligence services, but to ordinary individuals, when the opposition Omar Abdel Aziz managed to record meetings between him and two men who came from the Kingdom to Canada, by order of Bin Salman to persuade him to return to Saudi Arabia and threaten to arrest his brother.

And the duration of those recordings reached ten hours! Neither of these two persons, presumed to have a high sense of security, did notice that what they were saying was recorded, and they did not try to secure the meeting in any way.

Indeed, they were keen, during these meetings, to confirm that they are personally envoys of the Crown Prince! As well as his advisor Saud Al-Qahtani.

No one knows, after all these scandals, the secret of the Crown Prince’s adherence to his adviser, Saud Al-Qahtani, and Ahmed Al-Asiri, although they are primarily responsible for all these heinous failures.

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