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Bin Salman… man of contradictions to cover up his crimes

The 60-minute show broadcaster described Mohammed bin Salman as a man of contradictions in her presentation to the show last Tuesday and aired on CBS.

The Iranian crisis occupied an important part of the interview, which also dealt with the case of journalist Jamal Khashoggi as well as the human rights file in the Kingdom.

Bin Salman said he agreed with the US Secretary of State that the Aramco attack was a declaration of war by Iran, but expressed hope that the response to Tehran would not be military but political.

Bin Salman warned that oil prices would reach fictitious levels if the world did not move to fight Iran.

“The region accounts for almost 30% of global energy supplies, about 20% of global trade corridors, and about 4% of global GDP. Imagine if all this stops,” he said. But in the entire world, if the world does not take a strong position against Iran, we will see further escalation against global interests and oil supplies will be disrupted, and prices will jump to fictional figures we have not seen before.

Regarding the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, bin Salman said he did not order his murder but bears full responsibility and that those involved would be prosecuted at all levels.

On human rights, in particular the case of the arrest of the activist Lujain al-Hathloul, Bin Salman claimed that the issue of her release was the responsibility of the prosecutor, who represents an independent authority.

He claimed that “Saudi Arabia is a country governed by laws and some of these laws I don’t not personally approve, but as long as they exist they must be respected in order to be amended. It is ugly because the Islamic religion forbids torture and Saudi laws prohibit it, and the human conscience also prevents it and I will try to personally pursue this matter.”

Bin Salman is trying to beautify his image in the American media after he was a guest more than a year ago on the same program, which is considered one of the most important news programs directed to the American elite.

But this does not eliminate the paradoxical character of the program’s introduction to the crown prince, also considering that he introduces himself as a progressive young man, but in turn fighting a bloody war in Yemen, accused of targeting children and employing famine as a weapon, and detained political opponents and believes the CIA is behind the brutal killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi said the introduction of the program.

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