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Bin Salman offers the President of Mauritania normalization with Israel

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is not only satisfied with Gulf normalization with Israel, but rather is trying to pressure other countries to establish relations with Israel.

The Africa Intelligence website, which specializes in publishing private news, reported that Bin Salman asked the President of Mauritania, Mohamed Ould Al-Ghazwani, to communicate with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The site stated that bin Salman, during his meeting with the Mauritanian president, in Riyadh last February, tried to persuade him of the necessity to activate relations with Israel.

The Mauritanian guest was surprised – according to the site – the Saudi offer, but he responded with a quick intuition, saying: “It requires a unified Arab policy towards Israel.”

Mauritania is an Arab and African country, located in northwestern Africa and on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. It is bordered to the north by Morocco and Algeria, to the south by Senegal, to the east and south by Mali, and as a point of contact between north and south Africa, the vast desert of Mauritania has gathered for thousands of years, between different races and cultures. Including Arabic, Berber and African.

“Africa Intelligence” said that the Kingdom is working to push the countries loyal to it towards rapprochement with Israel as part of its efforts to maintain the friendliness of US President Donald Trump.

Al-Ghazwani’s visit to Riyadh did not go well, as Ibn Salman praised the former Mauritanian president, Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, in front of Al-Ghazwani, which is a mistake in the diplomatic protocols.

In 2009, in response to the Israeli aggression on Gaza, Mauritania decided to freeze its relationship with Israel, and the Israeli embassy closed its doors in Nouakchott.

However, since Bin Salman assumed the reign of Al-Ahd in Saudi Arabia, normalization with Israel has become based on deliberate political and media plans, and Riyadh has made great strides in preparing the Arab atmosphere to coexist with a new stage whose most prominent title will be “full normalization with Israel.”

The Crown Prince’s disappointment and failure to confront Iran have contributed more to his country’s rapprochement with Israel, as evidenced by the clear evidence over the past two years, which indicates the Saudi-Israeli rapprochement, and has become evident to the public.

Perhaps the beginning of the indicators of normalization started in June 2017, when the label “Saudis with normalization” was launched, days after the visit of US President Donald Trump to Riyadh on May 21 of the same year.

Before Trump’s arrival in Riyadh, there was talk about the visit during the visit regarding peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, especially since his second stop was occupied Palestine, in order to meet President of the Authority Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and some Saudi voices went out to call for the need to initiate the two countries Arab steps towards normalization towards Israel in order to win the support of the American administration.

A few days before the visit, the American Wall Street Journal published a report that indicated that Saudi Arabia had communicated to the Trump administration its willingness to establish normal diplomatic relations with Israel without conditions, and that it was thus withdrawing from the initiative the initiative it presented to the Arab Summit in 2002, which is based on the establishment of a Palestinian state on the lands of 1967, the return of refugees, and the withdrawal from the Golan, in exchange for recognizing and normalizing Israel.

Perhaps the most recent indications of normalization took place on January 26, 2020, with Israel announcing that it allows its citizens to visit Saudi Arabia, for the first time in history.

Saudi Arabia has neither denied nor issued statements on these reports, and although there are officially no diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel, the recent years have witnessed great rapprochement between them, and relations have increased further.

On January 25, 2020, the “Israeli 12” channel presented a report prepared by correspondent Henrique Zimerman on “modernization and openness” that is taking place in Saudi Arabia under the patronage of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The channel stated that Zimmermann is one of the “numbered Israelis who were able to visit Saudi Arabia,” to see “the closed Kingdom that we may be able to visit later,” according to their expression.

The channel indicated that the reporter was able to meet the Saudi general, Mohamed Sharif, who confirmed that “the tourists are invited to visit Saudi Arabia, we want them to come to see our country and get to know it as much as possible.”

On December 5, 2019, the Israel Arabic page of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Twitter, published pictures showing a Jewish visit to Saudi Arabia, confirming that this comes “as a result of breaking the barriers of doubt built on for decades.”

And the Israeli media, including the official broadcasting organization, transmitted the videos, pointing out that the visit was carried out by two Jews whom they did not name, while the pictures published by Israel in Arabic show that they had taken a tour in which they took a picture near the Kingdom Tower, one of the most important landmarks of the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

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