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Coronavirus disrupts the Kingdom’s facilities, except for entertainment parties!

The Saudi regime continues to organize entertainment parties to spread corruption and dissolution, despite the disruption of all facilities in the Kingdom as precautionary measures against the Coronavirus.

The activities of the Tantura Winter Festival continue in the city of Al-Ula in the Kingdom, despite the enormous dangers posed by the continued gathering and the spread of Coronavirus.

And the Winter Festival of Tantura 2020 has returned for the second season, to the Al-Ula region with some new legendary activities, which are being launched in the Kingdom for the first time.

This is being done despite the Kingdom’s suspension of work in most of the private sector yesterday, Wednesday, for 15 days, and it issued a directive to companies to implement home-based business policies.

The Ministry of Human Resources also issued a directive to companies to close main offices, reduce the number of employees in secondary offices, and limit contact between employees and follow them to monitor any symptoms of infection.

The Ministry excluded the necessary food and health services, as well as service facilities for government institutions. Pregnant women, workers over 55 and those with special health conditions must be given an additional two-week leave.

An artificial intelligence summit scheduled for March this year was postponed to September, while authorities ordered banks to limit the number of clients who were served simultaneously, ensure a safe distance between them, check their temperatures and provide disinfectants.

Local media reported that the municipal officials in Riyadh distributed disinfectants to the drivers, while police patrols roamed the streets of several Saudi cities, asking people to leave public parks and public places.

Video footage posted on social networking sites showed the police of the Tabuk region in the north of the Kingdom asking the young men to leave public places.

Earlier this week, the government suspended public sector employees except for the health and security sectors, and suspended regular cabinet meetings, while the central bank applied home-based business procedures to banks.

On Wednesday, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman spoke to German Chancellor Angela Merkel about ways to tackle the Coruna outbreak, and they also discussed an extraordinary virtual meeting of the leaders of the Group of Twenty nations organized by the Kingdom next week.

The Kingdom witnessed a jump in the number of infections with the Coronavirus, after recording 67 new infections, bringing the total number of infections in the Kingdom to 238 cases.

The Kingdom has become the third largest number of infections in the Gulf countries.

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