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Hussein Al-Ghawi: the Saudi regime’s criminal tool in Washington

A vast network of agents of the Saudi regime is spreading in an attempt to whitewash its crimes and prosecute opponents in all their places of presence, among them journalist Hussein al-Ghawi.

Saudi Leaks monitored the new face of the Saudi regime in Washington, journalist Hussein Al-Ghawi, presenter of the Jamra program on YouTube, which shows episodes discussing issues of Saudi public opinion.

Al-Ghawi is active in demonizing jurists and opponents of the Saudi regime of various Arab and foreign nationalities and technical experts who expose the role of Saudi flies on Twitter.

His criminal role prompted many foreign newspapers and US intelligence agencies to warn activists of security risks after episodes broadcast by Al-Ghawi on YouTube.

The most prominent personalities attacked by Al-Ghawi:

  • Jeff Golberg: He was severely attacked by Al-Ghawi for exposing analytical data showing manipulation by fake accounts on Twitter promoting the Saudi regime.
  • Muhammad Sultan: He launched a broad attack on Al-Ghawi in retaliation for his late friend Jamal Khashoggi.
  • Sarah Leah Whitson: Al-Ghawi launched a broad attack on the human rights defender and their role in managing the organization of democracy in the Arab world now.
  • Ariane Tabatabai: Al-Ghawi attacked her for being of Iranian origin and working for the American RAND Corporation.
  • Ali Soufan: Al-Ghawi launched an attack on him because he had good relations with Qatari officials, and the American intelligence warned him of the security danger.
  • Bill Marzak: He was widely attacked by Al-Ghawi, as he was the first to discover the scandal of the Saudi regime’s spying on dissidents through the Israeli Pegasus program.

Inferring from the previous evidence, Al-Ghawi is following in the footsteps of Saud Al-Qahtani, a close advisor to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Saudi Leaks learned from a source in the royal court that bin Salman renewed his confidence in al-Qahtani, who is facing legal charges in Turkish and American courts.

The sources said that the Crown Prince assigned Al-Qahtani the file of Saudi dissidents abroad, their activities, institutions and diplomatic figures who meet with them.

They added that the other file is the reconfiguration of the Saudi electronic fly cells in light of the changes taking place in the Kingdom and the prelude to normalization with Israel.

Saudi diplomatic missions and consulates abroad have radically transformed from protecting and serving their citizens to mafia hideouts to kill and threaten citizens under the pretext of freedom of opinion and expression.

During the reign of King Salman and his son, Saudi missions changed from soft diplomatic teams to security and military teams whose mission is to pursue, track and kill until Saudi embassies have become “mafia hideouts.”

Saudi Leaks monitored the most prominent dirty operations carried out by the Kingdom’s embassies around the world:

  • The murder and dismemberment of journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the consulate in Istanbul.
  • Attempt by the consulate in Istanbul to lure Hessa, daughter of former security official Saad al-Jabri.
  • The embassy’s attempt in Canada to lure the young activist Omar Abdel Aziz.
  • Smuggling consulates in America for Saudis accused of murder to the Kingdom.
  • Threatening the embassy in London to the opposition, Alia Al-Hwaiti, with death.
  • The embassy’s attempt in Washington to lure academic Abdullah to return to the Kingdom.
  • The embassy’s attempt in Australia to lure activist Manal Al-Sharif.
  • The reckless ruler does not understand the meaning of the state. He leads it with the mentality of a mafia leader who is not governed by either laws or regulations.

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