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Threats of death to the family of a detained Saudi sheikh

The Saudi authorities continue their repressive policy against prisoners of conscience in their prisons, ignoring their rights, and blackmailing them, including tribal sheiks.

Sheikh “Abd al-Rahman bin Humaid”, brother of the Sheikh of the “Otaiba” tribe, who is being held in the prisons of the Saudi authorities, “Faisal bin Sultan bin Hamid,” broadcast a video clip, in which he revealed that the authorities ignored meeting him and that he was threatened with death.”

Bin Humaid”, speaking to the Crown Prince “Mohammed bin Salman,” said that he made several appeals calling for the release of his brother, “Faisal,” who is detained due to a tweet he wrote.

“Sheikh “Abd al-Rahman” showed papers next to him for the appeals he sent to the royal court. “Unfortunately, I did not receive any answer, although I tried every possible means I had,” he said.

He also stressed that he had already been threatened with death and presented papers proving that he was exposed to these threats because of his demands, at a time when he affirmed his loyalty to the Saudi leadership since the time of the founding king, Abdulaziz Al Saud.

Human rights sources revealed in late October, the harsh conditions of the Sheikh of the “Al-Otaiba” tribe, who was arrested by the Saudi authorities because of his opposition to the “entertainment authority” and its activities that transcend the customs of the conservative society.

“It was confirmed to us that the Sheikh of the Otaiba tribe was detained in solitary confinement from the moment of his arrest, and the authorities prevent him from all contacts with his family,” the human rights sources said.

The Saudi sheikh was arrested, despite the deletion of a tweet in which he called for entertainment to be in a logical and acceptable manner without “affecting the essence of religion and constants.”

The sheik arrest was one of many arrests of the Saudi regime against activists and human rights defenders, especially those who oppose the entertainment authority. Human rights activists warned that these arrests won’t be the last.

These arrests coincide with “Riyadh Entertainment Reason” opened two months ago by the kingdom and is to last for 70 days.

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