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Al Saud Carries out Mass Arrests of Juhayna Tribesmen

The Al Saud authorities carried out mass arrests against Juhayna tribesmen who face a massive house demolition, without legal justifications.

A source from the tribe revealed to “Saudi Leaks” a fierce campaign of arrests took place a few days ago, affecting many tribesmen who had gathered and clashed with the Al Saud forces, protesting the houses demolish.

The source said that the heads of Juhayna tribes went to the princes of the House of Saud in an attempt to stop the frenzied demolition campaign, but to no avail.

He emphasized that Al Saud authorities faced the peaceful protests of Juhaina tribes with repressive and arbitrary responses, the most of which was the arrests campaign against the tribesmen.

A state of turmoil and tension prevailed in the Emirate of Tabuk, in the western part of the Kingdom, following a large-scale demolition campaign that the Al Saud authorities are still carrying out in the Shabha village of Al-Majj Governorate.

International law defines forced displacement as the illegal eviction of a group of individuals and residents from the land on which they reside, and it falls under war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity. This displacement leads to ending people’s attachment to life and the land in which they grew up and lived on it, and the tragedies and suffering that accompany them and their families throughout their lives.

The tension escalated in the village of Shabha in Tabuk, prompting its poor, widowed and needy residents to resist Al Saud bulldozers, amid calls for the intervention of the wise men in the royal family and international organizations.

Citizens from Tabuk and other regions in the Kingdom expressed their pain at the loss of their homes, for which they have no alternative, and they spent and spent money throughout their lives in order to obtain it.

Juhayna tribes addressed a letter to the Emir of Medina about the ongoing demolitions in the Al-Ais governorate, in which they said that most of the houses that are being removed are inhabited by widows, orphans and the poor who only own those houses that they set up with the help of benefactors on land that they consider inherited to them.

In their speech, they called for a compassionate look to these families, demanding the formation of a committee to examine the reality and find out the situation of the affected citizens in Tabuk and elsewhere.

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