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Bin Salman to absurdly demolish 13 residential areas

The Saudi opposition activist Dr Saad Al-Faqih said that the crimes of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman against his ruling family showed the latter’s humiliation, the loss of its prestige and weakness despite its wealth and political influence.

“If the Al Saud are interested in bringing down bin Salman’s rule, then 5-15 members of the family can make a statement rejecting bin Salman’s rule and his domestic and foreign policies,” Al-Faqih added in a video clip.

“However, if a statement came out from the members of the royal family, the Crown Prince would collapse, but unfortunately, the latter is weak and humiliated,” he added.

He referred to the efforts of the Prince Abdullah family with international relations companies and the payment of millions to these companies in order to release their detained sons by orders of Bin Salman.

He pointed out that the dismissal of Prince Fahd bin Turki, the commander of the coalition forces in Yemen, a few days ago, revealing that the main reason behind this is that the resigned has real leadership and authority through which he can lead officers and an army that could lead a coup inside the kingdom.

He said that bin Salman is trying to empty the pockets of the ruling family.

He emphasized that the main reason behind his dismissal “is to eliminate the remnants of the royal family that could hinder his access to the throne.”

“We are pleased with this reality within the royal family,” pointing out that bin Salman humiliated the ruling family and removed its prestige despite its political influence and its exorbitant money.

Al-Faqih elaborated on the general conditions in the Kingdom: the record of human rights, public services, and foreign relations, stressing that these are reasons for the revolution inside the Kingdom.

He talked about the issue of Al-Huwaitat and the steadfastness of the tribe’s residents in their homes and lands and their refusal to leave it in favor of the “NEOM” project, which faces obstacles to completing its early stages.

Al-Faqih revealed that bin Salman intends to demolish more than 13 residential areas in the Kingdom.

He also said that the security authorities’ arrest of Sheikh Dr. Saud Al-Fannisan and Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Basfar, although they do not have political activity, but are loyal to the king and the House of Saud.

He emphasized that their arrest was aimed at abolishing Islamic education and the true Islamic religion in the Kingdom.
Al-Faqih revealed that Saudi and Emirati committees are observing all employees in government and public departments who have an Islamic reference to exclude them, deport them, and arrest them.

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