Mohammed bin Salman isolation reflected in his deteriorating psychological state

Sources in the Royal Court revealed the severe isolation of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman reflected in his deteriorating psychological state and bad mood, in light of the state of extreme weakness that characterizes his reality both internally and externally.

The sources pointed out to Saudi Leaks that Bin Salman’s position has become weak globally as it is weak internally than ever before, which clearly shows the state of isolation he suffers from.

Unlike the leaders in countries of the region, Mohammed bin Salman appears to be confined to his headquarters in the coastal city of Neom. He does not conduct any foreign visits and does not receive any official personal invitations to him.

The sources confirmed that exploiting the childish actions of Mohammed bin Salman and focusing on them will kill him, so it is necessary to work on marketing his mistakes and giving them the necessary permanence, as he is not strong and does not have the necessary capabilities to face such crises.

According to the sources, bin Salman is going through a dangerous psychological situation, to the extent that one of the ministers close to him confirms that the Crown Prince is collapsed and his mood is volatile, so he changes appointments and is confused during meetings.

Since the beginning of this year, bin Salman has not found any country to receive him, and his tours outside the Kingdom have been interrupted for nearly two years, which shows the severe isolation that he suffers from.

This year, and the one that preceded it, was the least active period and foreign visits for Mohammed bin Salman since his accession to the mandate of the Covenant in mid-2017.

It is noteworthy that European countries had strongly rejected any participation of Mohammed bin Salman in the Arab-European Summit that was held in Egypt because he violated human rights.

Reliable sources in the royal court spoke of efforts and contacts made by bin Salman’s team over the past year to secure a European visit to him that would improve his image, but his request was met with strong rejection.

Nor did Mohammed bin Salman dare to participate in the United Nations General Assembly meetings scheduled in New York a few days later, despite the importance of the international forum and the wide participation of world leaders in it.

The main reason for bin Salman’s absence from the nature of his internationally ostracized personality because of his internal and external crimes is confirmed by an article published by the American newspaper “Washington Post”.

The article by authors Sean Harris and John Hudson stated that the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi “made bin Salman a pariah in the international community and that US President Donald Trump tried hard to rehabilitate him and return him to the international arena.”

Reports by international human rights organizations and Western media outlets highlighted bin Salman’s rule of repression and crushing of any opposition.

It involved the arrest of dozens of preachers, human rights activists, journalists and tribal sheikhs, and the detention of princes and business people and the looting of their money.

It also highlights the collapse of bin Salman’s plans to attract foreign investments and revitalize the Kingdom’s economy, which is suffering from a record deterioration due to the failure of the 2030 economic vision launched by the Crown Prince.

In addition, the war on Yemen and the killing of thousands of civilians distorted bin Salman’s image. They turned him into a war criminal who is called upon to be tried internationally.

The Crown Prince recorded a catastrophic failure to protect the Kingdom’s facilities and the inability to respond, especially from the Iranian-backed Ansar Allah group, “Houthis.”

Observers unanimously agree that the Kingdom has been plagued by a reckless ruler whose first concern is to hold on to his throne without any regard for the interests and future of his people.

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