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MBS suffers from a psychological disorder

Mohammed bin Salman has a serious psychological disorder, and it was confirmed by the stickers that repeatedly appeared at the hands of the Crown Prince after his recent return to the media appearance.

Saudi sources reported that Mohammed bin Salman suffers from dermatophagia. This situation is affected by the level of anxiety and stress.

Studies suggest that the stickers used by Mohammed bin Salman are related to other psychological disorders, such as impulse control and obsessive-compulsive disorders.

The successive personal scandals of Muhammad bin Salman reflect his sick personality with distinction, in light of specialists’ observation that he has a severe psychological disorder.

Specialists say that bin Salman’s behaviours intersect with symptoms of paranoia and narcissism disorders and that he believes violence and sadism are two ways to maintain his power.

It is noted from bin Salman’s actions and policies that he lacks public confidence and is always afraid of their attempts to overthrow him and reject him as a possible heir to the throne in the Kingdom.

And he asks the familiar people to admire him and submit to his administration, and he forces his followers to exchange their values ​​for the value of primitiveness, hiding behind his weakness behind his false sense of greatness.

But on the other hand, he locks his fears behind his police power and hides his significant failures by downplaying them, by resorting to distracting the public from his repeated defeats through entertainment and spreading corruption and decay.

Bin Salman also tends to divert the people’s anger from him to others by creating external enemies, and he counters the lack of understanding the demands for change with his hostile tendency.

In addition, bin Salman ends up raising moral standards in his dealings with those he considers his opponents, at a time when paranoia and narcissism together constitute the worst psychological diseases, but the worst thing is that they afflict an impulsive ruler like bin Salman.

Bin Salman pursued an internationally tainted reputation after his name was associated with conspiracies, scandals and internal repression and turned into one of the world’s most pariah leaders.

Western media reports have spread about successive scandals of Muhammad bin Salman in light of a series of shameful stations since his rise to power in mid-2017.

Among the most prominent scandals of Bin Salman is the murder of prominent Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the Kingdom’s consulate in early October 2018.

Reports by international human rights organizations and Western media outlets highlighted bin Salman’s approach to rule by repression and crushing any opposition.

It was involved in the arrest of dozens of preachers, human rights activists, journalists and tribal sheikhs, the detention of princes and business people and the looting of their money.

It also highlights the collapse of bin Salman’s plans to attract foreign investments and revitalize the Kingdom’s economy, which is suffering from a record deterioration due to the failure of the 2030 economic vision launched by the Crown Prince.

In addition, the criminal war on Yemen and the killing of thousands of civilians distorted the image of bin Salman and turned him into a war criminal who is called to be tried internationally.

The crown prince recorded a catastrophic failure to protect the Kingdom’s facilities and the inability to respond, especially from the Iranian-backed Ansar Allah group, the Houthis.

The name of Mohammed bin Salman was associated with the outbreak of a Gulf crisis and the imposition of a blockade on Qatar with his allies in the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt.

The Crown Prince has also been implicated in supporting counter-revolutions to the Arab Spring and the suppression of military rule in Arab countries that are witnessing protests calling for freedom and democracy.

As for the stereotypical image of Bin Salman, it has been associated with complete subordination to US President Donald Trump and offering billions to gain his support.

In addition, the Crown Prince was involved in a series of spying and hacking scandals via Twitter, the latest of which was the hacking of the phone of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Observers unanimously agree that the Kingdom has been plagued by a reckless ruler whose first concern is to hold on to his throne without any regard for the interests and future of his people.

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