Exiled dissident Saudi prince faces an unknown fate

The unknown fate hangs over an opposition Saudi prince. He has been in exile for years after he surprised his followers by apologizing to King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Tweeters warned of the possibility of the assassination or kidnapping of the Saudi prince, the opposition and residing abroad, Khaled bin Farhan Al Saud, against the background of his sudden apology.

Prince Khaled tweeted: “I apologize. I went through a difficult period in my life. I offended the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Highness, the Crown Prince. May God protects them.”

He continued, “I offer them my sincerest apologies for what I did wrong to them. May God protect them and take care of them.”

Tweeters expressed their fears that he might be killed or kidnapped and that someone had taken control of the account and posted this tweet.

A Saudi source had previously revealed that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had established a new security unit to tighten the influence of opponents abroad inside Saudi Arabia.

At the time, the source told Saudi Leaks that the new security unit was established within the framework of the state security apparatus, which is directly subordinate to bin Salman.

The source explained that the formed unit aims to pursue and arrest everyone who communicates from within the Kingdom with opponents abroad and to prevent any activities for them.

According to the source, Bin Salman is deeply afraid of the growing influence of opponents abroad and the severe threat that this poses to him in his authoritarian rule.

The same source confirmed that bin Salman used all methods of surveillance and espionage to tighten the influence of opponents and their relations inside the Kingdom.

The dissident prince Khalid bin Farhan Al Saud published a book titled “The Kingdom of Silence and Slavery in the Shadow of Political Alzheimer’s, Saudi Arabia: Facts and Mysteries, in which he predicted the fall of the Al Saud regime.

According to its author, the book deals with facts and secrets that “many peoples of the world do not know about the ruling Al Saud regime in the Kingdom.”

In explaining his book, the prince said that it “contains a set of data represented by a large number of facts and mysteries that not only predict but also confirm through careful analysis, the fall of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the reign of the current King Salman and his spoiled son.”

The dissident prince from the ruling family Al Saud described the ruling regime in the book as an “absolute, dictatorial, dictatorial monarchy.”

Regarding the reason for the book’s title, he said: “The adjective of silence is a name generally recognized in Saudi Arabia, and it has an internal dimension that represents the silence of the Saudi government and its failure to disclose the simplest issues and matters that pertain to the state and citizens.”

He added: “The external dimension, which is the silence of the major world powers, especially the United States, and some European countries, about the inhumane and illegal practices of the Saudi government, both at the internal and external levels; Because of the number of interests it has with them.

Prince Khaled added that the name “slavery” came “because the active forces in the Saudi ruling family look down on its citizens, in which there is a great deterioration of his destiny, and therefore treat them like slaves.”

He added: “The ruling family believes that the state is a hereditary inheritance owed to them by King Abdulaziz, the founder of the third Saudi state for his sons.”

Prince Khaled, in his book, predicts the certainty of the fall of the Saudi state at the hands of its current king, “Salman” and his crown prince, “Mohammed bin Salman,” through his analysis of the data of the current reality and the way the state is managed.

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