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Repercussions in Spain of the financial bribery scandal from the Saud House

The Spanish royal palace announced the abandonment of the inheritance of his father, King Juan Carlos, to King Philippi VI, and the denial of his monthly salary, due to the scandal involving the father of the king in bribes and kickbacks sourced from the Saudi regime.

The royal statement confirmed that Philippe VI waived his right to any inheritance from his father, King Father Juan Carlos, that was not compatible with the law. In another paragraph, the King’s decision to withdraw the salary that the father king will receive from the palace’s budget of approximately 200,000 euros annually.

The statement highlighted that these decisions are taken following the emergence of information stating that King Philippe VI is benefiting from institutions registered abroad in the name of his father, Juan Carlos.

The royal statement insists that Philippe VI did not know that he was appointed as a benefactor of the Zagata Foundation and the Locum Foundation in the event of the death of his father, Juan Carlos, and that he had received from an international law firm this news last year, and immediately he had written a testimony before a documenter testifying that he was not related to the two institutions and informed the authorities accordingly .

The statement stressed that this decision be taken so that King Philippe VI will live up to the pledges he made during his assumption of the throne in June 2014, when he committed himself to transparency before the citizens.

The British newspaper, The Telegraph, had published a news report at the end of the week about King Philby VI’s benefit from the funds of his father’s two institutions, which manage $65 million from commissions and bribes from the Saudi regime, and the Swiss and Spanish courts are conducting judicial investigations.

Major newspapers such as El Mundo considered in their comments that Philippe VI was forced to take the decision because of the bribes that the Saudi regime submitted to Juan Carlos as a result of his mediation in the Spanish express train deal to the Kingdom.

Some commentators consider that the statement of the palace that disavows Juan Carlos and confirms that he has not carried out any institutional activity since 2014, the date he abdicated the throne is a convincing expulsion of the father king from the royal establishment.

Since reports emerged about the father’s availability of funds in accounts in Switzerland and the investigation by the judiciary, parties such as Podimus, who is in the coalition, have been calling for the formation of a parliamentary commission of inquiry.

Last September, Spanish prosecutors in London questioned a former German mistress of former King Juan Carlos after she reported that the latter had received a commission on a contract in the kingdom, according to judicial sources.

In July 2018, two Spanish media outlets published records confirming Corinna zuine-Wittgenstein that Juan Carlos received a commission during the 2011 award of Spanish companies a contract to build a high-speed train between Mecca and Medina.

These recordings were made by the currently incarcerated police captain Villajero, who had recorded a number of conversations with Spanish politicians or contractors without their knowledge.

Prosecutors from the Madrid Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Thursday questioned the German businesswoman in the British capital, where she is currently staying, as a witness, according to judicial sources.

The prosecution decided at the end of last year to investigate in order to determine whether there are sufficient elements to file a complaint of corruption charges in the context of international commercial transactions.

According to judicial sources, the investigation is concerned with investors who may have paid commissions to the former king himself while he was head of state and thus enjoys immunity. The king abdicated the throne in 2014 in favor of his son, King Felipe VI.

“Our client was happy to give her testimony voluntarily in London, to accurately convey to the authorities what others have told her about the” high-speed train “agreement, noting that she has knowledge of only” limited facts, “said defense agent Robin Rathmel.

“Serious accusations in the media about financial issues relating to the Honorary King have been around for decades,” he added. If there is a real intention to properly investigate the agreement (the high-speed train) and other charges, this is due to the Spanish judicial system and to Spain.”

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