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Biden: Saudi just a bunch of princes

A classified document revealed that US President-elect Joe Biden saw Saudi Arabia as a bunch of princes.

The document, dating back to 1986, includes Biden’s position on Israel, the Holocaust, the kingdom, and relations in the Middle East.

The document came out after a meeting in February 1986, which brought together the Israeli ambassador to the United States, Mir Rosin, during this period.

According to the document, Biden saw that the Saudi regime is “just a bunch of 500 princes and their families.”

Biden noted that the fatal mistake in US policy occurred in 1982 when the United States decided to seek a strategic consensus in the Gulf.

Biden said that the result of this was to change the centre of gravity from America’s true friend, Israel, to other countries, referring to the sale of warplanes to Saudi Arabia.

Israel Vision

The document revealed that Biden is trying to convince the ambassador that he is a friend of Israel.

The president-elect said that the United States should consider Israel “first but on an equal footing” with the Arabs.

The report indicated that Israel’s essential campaigns in the eighties in the US Congress, Biden’s position, supported Israel’s positions.

This includes issues such as AWACS planes’ sale to Saudi Arabia, and continued military support to Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization.

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The rare document recorded that Biden wanted to say that the United States’ positions are good toward Israel, with few exceptions.

Israel First

The document described Biden’s behaviour that he wanted to prove that the United States has to tell the Arabs that Israel is first on its list of friends.

“And that the Arabs, if they have a problem with this, they should deal with the United States as well,” according to the document.

The document also indicated that Biden believes that the United States should change its general message towards Israel and treat it as it treats other friendly countries.

The document indicated that this US policy approach is unacceptable and illogical in Biden’s convictions regarding Israeli policy.

The document pointed out at the time that if Biden was elected president of the Republic, he would be keen to exchange messages with us without declaring differences and through the diplomatic channel.

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