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3,000 additional US troops to Saudi requested by bin Salman

At the request of Mohammed bin Salman, in a plan to flood the kingdom with a suspicious US military presence, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper announced his country’s intention to send 3,000 additional US troops to the kingdom.

Speaking at a joint news conference with Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milli, Esper said he had spoken to Mohammed bin Salman, who asked for additional help in bringing security to the region.

He urged allies, especially in Europe, to join Washington in efforts to defend the region.

For his part, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said that the goal of deploying additional troops in Saudi Arabia “to protect our interests in the region and deter Iran.”

The US reinforcements to be deployed, as well as soldiers, include two fighter squadrons, two Patriot batteries and a THAD defense system, according to the Pentagon.

The Pentagon said additional troops and equipment to the kingdom would include air defenses and fighter jets.

Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said Defense Secretary Mark Esper had approved the deployment of additional troops, including two fighter squadrons, two Patriot batteries and a THAD defense system.

Bin Salman had discussed with Esber, on September 26, the current arrangements for sending US troops of a defensive nature to Saudi Arabia, according to the “Saudi news agency” at the time.

Prince Mohammed told Esber that the recent attack on Aramco’s oil facilities was “a serious escalation towards the entire world that requires a firm stand to preserve international peace and security,” the agency said.

The ministry said that the number of troops in the region was increased by about 14 thousand in the framework of investment in regional security.

At the end of September, the United States announced the deployment of 200 troops to the Kingdom in the first such deployment since the withdrawal of US forces in 2003.

Two Saudi Aramco oil facilities were hit on September 14 by Houthis, but the United States has blamed Iran for the attacks, which have shaken prices in oil markets after cutting Saudi Arabia’s products in half before announcing them. Authorities for reproduction to normal.

Although the Houthis claimed responsibility for the attack at the time, the Saud regime accused Iran of being behind it, a charge that was later made in Tehran by the United States, Britain, France and Germany.

Last July, King Salman announced that he had agreed to host new US troops in the kingdom to “raise the level of joint action to defend the security and stability of the region.”

But the story was contradictory from the American side. Four hours after the Saud house tweet published a US Central Command account tweet that the deployment of US forces came at the request of Saudi Arabia: The Secretary of Defense authorized the transfer of US personnel and resources for deployment in Saudi Arabia.”

NBC also said the Saudis had agreed to pay some of the costs associated with the presence of US troops in the country.

CNN published aerial photographs of Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Airbase, 150 miles east of Riyadh, as it prepares to receive US troops, expected to number up to 500 troops, and an airstrip being set up to host the latest aircraft. F-22.

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