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What did the king’s guard knew about bin Salman so he ordered his death?

Questions are mounting in the Kingdom about what Abdul Aziz Al-Fagham, the bodyguard of King Salman, knew about Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman so that he ordered his death and create a story to cover up his death.

Suspicion spread on social media about the official version of the death of al-Fagham after he was shot after a “personal dispute” in Jeddah, western Saudi Arabia, according to the police of the Saudi regime.

According to the police, al-Fagham was visiting a friend’s house in Jeddah and then another friend, Mamdouh al-Ali, attended.

During the conversation, the debate between General Al-Faghm and Al Ali developed so went out of the house, returned with a firearm and shot him, killing al-Faghm and injuring two people in the house, including a Filipino worker. Al Ali was later killed and five security men were wounded when he refused to surrender.

While Saudi accounts expressed sadness over the death of al-Faghm on the websites, other tweets expressed skepticism about the story, saying it lacked logic pointing out that electronic flies were quick to publish this account of the killing before it went public in the official media.

A year after the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi at his country’s consulate in Istanbul, they are hard to believe that the friend of the king’s bodyguard has killed him so simply, the tweet said.

There are strong suspicions that bin Salman was involved in the liquidation of the king’s bodyguard, especially in light of the weak version of the regime about the incident and the questions associated with it and find no answers.

Bin Salman ordered the Al-Fagham family to confirm Ibn ‘Uwayd’s story by Ibn Salman himself.

Okaz said that Major General Abdul Aziz bin Badah al-Fagham al-Mutairi was the bodyguard of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, and after his death became a bodyguard of King Salman bin Abdul Aziz.

In mid-2017, King Salman bin Abdulaziz issued a royal order to promote Abdul Aziz al-Fagham (an exceptional promotion) to the rank of brigade, according to Saudi media.

She described Okaz as the most famous royal guard in modern times, and attributed that designation to the Western media, and pointed out that he was awarded the title of best bodyguard in the world by the World Academy Organization.

It also described him as a shadow of the first man in the state, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz.

The Saudi newspaper pointed out that Al-Fagham followed the march of his father Major General Badah, who served as a personal escort for King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz for three decades, to show his son Abdul-Aziz and complete his father’s march in guarding the kings.

Saudi newspapers did not give details about the personal life of General Abdul Aziz, while some media pointed out that he is a graduate of the Military College of King Khalid in Saudi Arabia, and moved in the work of the Saudi National Guard to the Royal Guard before becoming the bodyguard of King Salman and commander of the Special Guard.

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