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Bin Salman directs his electronic flies to support Trump

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman directed his electronic flies to mobilize to defend US President Donald Trump and post tweets in several languages in support of him in light of the popular protests he faces.

Royal Court sources said that bin Salman is following with great concern the deterioration of Trump’s position in the year of the White House elections and the effects of the popular protests taking place in large areas of the United States on his fortunes.

The sources stated that Bin Salman directed his adviser, Saud Al-Qahtani, and senior assistants to intensify electronic flies, posting tweets for Trump and supporting him in several languages.

The same sources added that bin Salman was keen to write to the senior American president to prepare to provide any support to him in light of the threats to the growing public congestion.

Trump had described the protesters as “thugs” and threatened to send federal forces to deal with them harshly, amidst heavy accusations that he was stoking tension through a series of provocative tweets.

The Minnesota Governor ordered the deployment of additional National Guard forces today, Saturday, calling for the utmost extremism with rioters, after renewed violence at night in the city of Minneapolis and the expansion of demonstrations against police brutality to various parts of the United States.

Officials in nearly a dozen cities fear the increase in violence after the protests over the murder of George Floyd in the hands of the Minneapolis police this week sparked outrage and protests against police abuse of African Americans.

On Friday, the United States experienced one of the worst nights of civil unrest in decades. Cars and police stations in New York, Dallas, Atlanta and elsewhere were burned, and a demonstration was held for hours in front of the White House, where Trump was.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz said he had ordered a general mobilization of the state’s 13,000 National Guard agents to curb rioters who had committed looting and set fire to the St. Paul area of Minneapolis, in an unprecedented step since World War II.

He added that he discussed with the Pentagon the deployment of troops from the army, and the New York Times reported that the military police were on alert at the request of Trump, which in turn was an unprecedented step for decades.

Minneapolis has become a hotbed of violence since George Floyd, an African American, spent his arrest, after a policeman knocked him to the floor and held him for several minutes while pressing his knee to the man’s neck until he die.

Trump’s fate, which faces a difficult situation at the current stage, has turned into a major obsession for Bin Salman, whose neck appears to be attached to a rope tied to the American president’s foot, which may slip at any time.

The possibility of Trump’s failure in the upcoming elections will bear the catastrophe of Bin Salman, who has billions and made hundreds of deals in order to consolidate his position in government and gain confidence from Washington.

Observers strongly criticize how the Saudi regime relied on a person to manage its affairs and does not work for it, and the worst is to come if Trump is not reelcted. There are a lot of scandals coming and a lot of looting of billions.

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