Prisoners of Conscience

The news of the detained Prince Turki bin Abdullah interrupted for several months

The detained Prince Turki bin Abdullah family is trying hard to find out his news and check his health conditions in the prisons of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman.

The family is communicating with those close to the royal court and senior princes to pressure the Crown Prince (the reckless ruler) to find out the prince’s fate, who has been detained for years.

Family sources told Saudi Leaks that Prince Turki’s family visited him once this year after his health deteriorated last February.

The sources added that the family has not known anything about him and is concerned about the uncertainty about his health and where he is currently detained.

The sources stressed that the family of the late Saudi King is in a state of anxiety and frustration about King Salman and his son’s reckless dealings and the latter’s attempts to seize their money.

A Saudi security unit urgently transferred the detained Prince Turki bin Abdullah, who is imprisoned in a secret prison, on Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s orders to the hospital.

The famous Saudi activist, Old Diplomat, said that Prince Turki bin Abdullah, who has been detained since 2017, was transferred from prison to the hospital, and he is in serious condition.

Prince Turki has been detained since the famous arrest campaign in 2017, and bin Salman accused him of false charges: graft in the construction of the metro in Riyadh.

His chief of staff, General Ali Al-Qahtani, was also arrested and died in detention in mysterious circumstances.

Turki bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, 48, is the former governor of the Riyadh region. He was dismissed six days after King Salman took over. He is the seventh son of the late King Abdullah.

Prince Turki is a war pilot, who commanded the 92nd Squadron at King Abdulaziz Air Base after graduating from the American Williams College, and participated in the South Shield war against the Houthis in 2009.

He obtained high degrees in defence and military intelligence in the United States and other certificates for the air forces in Britain and France, which qualified him to chair the Air Force Fields Development Committee.

The prince also obtained a master’s degree in military sciences and another in strategic studies from the University of Wales in Britain.

He attended a PhD in the same discipline at the University of Leeds, with a thesis on relations between China and Saudi Arabia.

It is noteworthy that bin Salman arrested three of King Abdullah’s other sons, including Prince Mutaib bin Abdullah, 65, head of the National Guard, relieved of his job.

Bin Salman tried to seize the King Abdullah Foundation fund, which Turki supervises, and its value is estimated at $20 billion to $30 billion.

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