Prisoners of Conscience

Activist Khaled Al-Mahawish sentenced to 10 years in prison

The Saudi Specialized Criminal Court sentenced detained activist Khaled Al-Mahawish to 10 years in prison.

The Prisoners of Conscience stated that the Criminal Court issued a 10-year prison sentence and ten years travel ban against Al-Mohawish.

ALQST said that the appeals court confirmed the ruling against Al-Mahawish, and refused to reduce it.

The authorities arrested Al-Saud Al-Mahawish on September 12, 2017, and the first session of his trial was held on October 15, 2018.

The detainee worked as the ambassador of the Sons of Buraida charity to care for orphans and his work as an educational guide.

The European-Saudi Organization for Human Rights confirmed that the Al Saud authorities are using combating terrorism to cover systematic repression.

The human rights organization said that the authorities “practice systematic and severe repression against human rights defenders and defenders and pursue them because of their work and activities.”

It added that these authorities “are using bad laws such as the anti-terrorism system and the system to combat information crimes against them.”

Saudi Arabia systematically practices violations against human rights defenders and intimidation, arbitrary arrests, and unfair trials.

The authorities also pursue ill-treatment and torture against them and prevent them from travelling, appearing in the media, and using social media, which in some cases has resulted in death.

Recently, Human Rights Watch called for an international campaign to stop Saudi Arabia’s human rights violations.

In a press statement, the organization urged to join in demanding the Saudi authorities to stop silencing human rights defenders.

It noted the recent release of prominent Saudi women’s rights activist Loujain Al-Hathloul earlier this week after she had been seized for 1,001 days.

“It was a testament to the relentless campaign of her family and human rights activists around the world since her arrest in May 2018,” HRW said.

“While we are overjoyed to welcome Loujain into her home, our work is not over yet,” the organization added.

“She is still banned from travelling, and she was sentenced to three years imprisonment with a suspended sentence on charges that define her activities in the field of women’s rights as crimes under the Saudi terrorism regulations.

“This means that the authorities can return her to prison at any time if they decide to speak out or resume her activities,” HRW added.

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