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Mohammed bin Salman treats Saudis like slaves and violates their rights

The positions and statements of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman prove that he treats Saudis like slaves and violate their rights, especially the right to political participation.

In his recent interview with The Atlantic magazine, Mohammed bin Salman was asked about the constitutional monarchy and what can happen in the future of Saudi Arabia?

Bin Salman responded with narcissism: “No, this will not work. The constitutional monarchy will not succeed. “it is not one monarchy. You have beneath it more than 1,000 monarchies—town monarchies, tribal monarchies, semi tribal monarchies.”

He continued, “These thousands of regimes, the king of Saudi Arabia is their leader and the one who protects their interests, and these make up 13 to 14 million Saudis out of about 20 million Saudis, so I cannot launch a coup against 14 million Saudi citizens.”

At every press interview, the extent of narcissism that Mohammed bin Salman enjoys becomes clear. He points out frankly that the majority of the people are with the absolute monarchy and that they do not want another ruler.

At the same time, he says that Saudi Arabia can’t be a constitutional monarchy because this is the origin of the system of government! As if the people are slaves who have no right to aspire to a political system that represents their aspirations.

As usual, Mohammed bin Salman says anything, words – numbers – without examination, knowledge, or even understanding. He does not respect himself or even his people, and as evidence that he does not weigh what he says and does not think about what he will say.

The absolute monarchies emerge from their wombs with disabilities with no luck in leadership, education and administration, and all of their capital is from this blessed dynasty. Which allows him to act like an unaccountable god, and no one dares to ask him why you say that.

Political tyranny blinds the eyes and insight and makes the tyrant go to extremes in ecstasy and dreams, which are like a mirage. The promises made by Muhammad bin Salman since he came to power have not been implemented, and there is not a single file that he succeeded in, except the file of repression and impoverishment of the people.

For the past decades, reformist Saudi citizens have called for a constitutional monarchy as a safety valve. In their speeches, the constitutional monarchy was the ceiling they called for.

But today, after all these decades, if a popular referendum was held on the nature of the system of government that the people wanted, and was held in a free climate, would the people choose the absolute monarchy?

This is in doubt, mainly since the fundamental issues that the citizen cares about have not achieved significant successes by the Saudi government. Instead, the situation has become even more miserable during the reign of the king’s son named Mohammed bin Salman.

The real development files in education, health, infrastructure, economic stability and growth in public income have not improved much. If there is an improvement, it is thanks to oil revenues, not government policies.

According to the Statistics Department, the number of unemployed has reached more than 11%. I doubt the validity of this number, as the number may be more than this, especially with the privatization policies pursued by Mohammed bin Salman that will make at least a third of government sector employees out of government jobs in the coming years. gradually. Woe to those who speak or complain about the injustice of these policies.

The hideous thing is that Mohammed bin Salman deals with the state as an economic institution and that citizens are employees subject to control, not citizens with rights.

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