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On bin Salman’s birthday… human rights record shameful and reckless attitudes

Social media pages were filled with talking about the recklessness of the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on his 34th birthday and what the kingdom has lost because of him, recalling the Kingdom’s poor human rights record during his reign.

The crown prince caused a stir on the pages of social media sites among activists, where he was topped the list of the most circulated in several countries, not only in the Kingdom.

Despite the celebratory nature of the tweets circulated under these decorations, the criticism and reprimand of the Crown Prince was also present, especially with regard to his human rights record.

Activists blamed Bin Salman for Yemen’s war in Riyadh, during which the kingdom was targeted by more than 200 Houthi ballistic missiles.

They also touched on the blockade of Qatar, the ensuing dispersal of families and the collapse of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

They also strongly criticized the campaign of arrests of scientists and academics, which led to the arrest of women!

On the economic front, activists have criticized Bin Salman’s arrest of wealthy and business leaders, which has led to massive capital flight and a decline in foreign investment.

According to the activists, the halt of King Salman bin Abdulaziz, at the behest of his son and crown prince, the plan to introduce Saudi Aramco, has shaken confidence in the Saudi economy.

Activists also said that Bin Salman was the size of the kingdom’s role and made it a game in Abu Dhabi’s hands.

Activists have also listed the kingdom’s changes since Mohammed bin Salman took over the reign of the Crown Prince in mid-July 2017, addressing the curtailment of the powers of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, while the entertainment authority was given broad powers.

Saudi singers, especially women, also praised what they called “women’s gains” under Mohammed bin Salman, for allowing her to drive and travel without the guardian’s permission and so on.

Bin Salman is the youngest Crown Prince in the Kingdom’s history and one of the youngest political leaders in the Arab world and even internationally. He is currently the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, Chairman of the Political and Security Affairs Council, as well as Chairman of the Saudi Council for Economic Affairs and Development.

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