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French report: Saudi regime is cracking

The French newspaper Le Figaro published a report on the Kingdom’s future ruler and found a link between him and the murder of King Salman’s private bodyguard a week ago.

The newspaper pointed out that the death of al-Fagham fueled rumors and suspicions that the Crown Prince was behind the incident, especially since the incident occurred after the change of the Chief of the Royal Court this summer, to be replaced by Fahd Al-Essa, who is close to Mohammed bin Salman, according to the report.

“Some see the murder of the bodyguard as a further indication of the crown prince’s desire to isolate his 83-year-old father, who is sick and has his son’s favorite fate in his hands.”

“In these turbulent times, talk of a scenario of excluding or isolating King Salman by his son has returned,” the paper said. “Bin Salman wants to become king before Trump’s possible defeat in next year’s presidential election.”

The newspaper pointed out that “bin Salman is seeking to take the initiative despite the recent developments that weakened him,” noting at the same time that “his ally, the UAE, is now questioning his ability to lead the Kingdom.

“Riyadh has recently accepted a partial offer of truce by the Houthis,” the paper said. “How can Riyadh aspire to be a modern and real force given its dependence on a foreign country for its own security, as well as bodyguards for protection?” Special foreigners crown.

The newspaper described bin Salman as a “reckless prince”, but managed to turn the page on the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside his consulate in Istanbul, at this time last year, noting that this success is due to the strong support of his father King Salman bin Abdul Aziz And US President Donald Trump.

Ben Salman’s reforms against women recently contradicted the campaign of arrests of women’s rights activists.

“In the next few days, we will witness the announcement of the treacherous traitor, Mohammed bin Salman, as king of the kingdom,” Prince Khalid bin Farhan al-Saud said in a tweet on his Twitter account.

Bin Salman’s plan was “built in cooperation with the CIA, which includes changing the king’s bodyguards and replacing them with Blackwater mercenaries, in preparation for the proclamation of the traitor as the king of the Two Holy Mosques.”

On Sunday, Saudi state media announced the death of Abdul Aziz al-Fagham, the bodyguard of the Saudi monarch, who was notorious for his permanent lieutenant, by his friend Mamdouh bin Meshaal al-Ali, following a personal dispute between them, without further details, amid doubts about the story of his death.

The prominent Saudi dissident Saad al-Faqih revealed that Mohammed bin Salman was involved in the killing of Major General Abdul Aziz al-Fagham, the bodyguard of King Salman.

Al-Faqih confirmed that the operation that caused the death of al-Fagham was the work of bin Salman, especially that he was killed inside the palace where he is, accompanied by the person named Mamdouh bin Meshaal Al Ali, who was declared by the authorities as the killer.

Al-Faqih pointed out that “Al-Fagham and the Ali family killed them on one side, without clarifying the reason why the king’s guard did not resist any during the killing.”

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