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Al-Sheikh publicly threatens to crack down on Entertainment Authority critics

Entertainment Authority Chairman Turki Al-Sheikh continues his dirty policy in dealing with all critics of the agency’s activities and its controversial chairman.

Al-Sheikh threatened to suppress the opinion of every Saudi citizen who criticizes his body or complains about its behavior through social networking sites.

Al-Sheikh’s threat came in response to a tweet by prominent journalist Mona Abu Suleiman, who criticized the Authority’s “humiliating” treatment of one of its acquaintances during an event.

Al-Sheikh did not delay in attacking “Abu Suleiman” through a tweet through his account, in which he threatened to take legal action against those who “complain” in the media Entertainment Authority, or trying to distort its work.

The adviser at the Royal Court launched the badge of the start of the “Riyadh season”, on 11 October last, to last 70 days, specifically until mid-December, where the occasion includes events, competitions and programs under the name of “entertainment”, but “extraneous and strange” on the Kingdom, as well From scenes and pictures that no one ever imagined to see them held on Saudi soil under official sponsorship.

The Chairman of the Entertainment Authority during the past period, has been criticized by users of the media and various social media platforms, in the light of the revolution on the traditions of Saudi society and customs and customs.

Al-Sheikh is working hard to change the identity of the conservative kingdom, and make it a duplicate of what is happening in other Arab countries, citing a paper that made the country “a kiss and an attractive international tourist destination”.

The Saudi authorities continue to arrest and prosecute any critic of the activities of the entertainment authority, which conservatives see as hostile to the country’s conservative traditions and customs, and prosecute anyone who criticizes the president of Al-Sheikh, where the latest arrests have affected seven people in less than a month.

More than two years ago, the Kingdom witnessed the arrest of hundreds of scholars, activists and jurists, who apparently tried to express their opinion and oppose the changes taking place in the Kingdom amid human rights demands to disclose their fate and provide them with justice.

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