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Bin Salman trying to protect himself from the lawsuits against him in the United States

Reliable sources revealed to Saudi Leaks that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had initiated measures to protect himself from the lawsuits against him in the United States.

The sources said that bin Salman fears that the new US President, Joe Biden, will work to support and accelerate the proceedings against him.

They explained that bin Salman began countermovements and expanded his lawyer team in the United States of America following the increase in lawsuits against him.

Bin Salman held an emergency meeting with his lawyer, Michael Kellogg, at the latter’s request, to warn him of the dangers of the lawsuits against the crown prince.

Bin Salman called Kellogg to expand his team and not reach a stage in which official responses are requested in his name because this will encourage more cases against him.

Bin Salman also asked Kellogg to coordinate with attorney Barry J. Pollack, known for his defence of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

This is to defend him in two cases before US courts regarding human rights violations and opponents’ killing.

Besides, bin Salman requested the assistance of Mitchell Berger. The latter had previously defended the largest bank in the Kingdom on charges of financing terrorism and Al Qaeda and demands compensation for their attacks before American courts.

Three suits

Bin Salman is facing three lawsuits in US courts during the year 2020.

The escalation of the Crown Prince’s crimes prompted victims to resort to the US judiciary to file lawsuits against him in an attempt to achieve justice.

Saudi Leaks monitored the most prominent cases filed against the crown prince, who is trying to obtain American immunity to pursue his crimes.

Jabri’s case

The former security official, Saad Al-Jabri, filed a lawsuit in mid-August against bin Salman.

In the lawsuit, al-Jabri accused bin Salman of sending a team to kill him in Canada, similar to the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018.

On October 30, a US court summoned Bin Salman and nine other defendants.

The Khashoggi murder

Jenner and Block, a law firm, was established on October 20 on behalf of Khadija Genghis, the fiancée of the late Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

In cooperation with the Democracy for the Arab World Now organization, a lawsuit was filed in a federal court in Washington against the Saudi crown prince.

The lawsuit also accuses more than 20 of those involved in the Khashoggi murder.

Keith M. Harper, a former US ambassador and partner at the law firm, said the lawsuit’s goals are to hold the perpetrators of the torture and brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi accountable, including those accusing him of directing orders to kill Khashoggi at his country’s consulate in Istanbul.

Ghada Oueiss

On December 10, Ghada Oueiss, broadcaster for Al-Jazeera, filed a lawsuit against Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi crown prince.

Oueiss, who filed a lawsuit in Florida’s southern region, revealed that the crown prince of Saudi, Emirati officials and US citizens carried out an operation to undermine her personality and journalistic career.

This is the reason for the critical reports that Oueiss published about the Saudi and Emirati governments.

The Lebanese broadcaster wrote that “6 months ago, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and the UAE believed that they could silence me by hacking my phone and stealing my private photos and publishing them with false allegations against women.”

“The time has come to remind the crown prince, over the past months, the measures have consequences,” she said in the tweets that she wrote.

She wrote: I saw others take on this responsibility and go forward, and Saad al-Jabri and Cengiz started the battle.

“Today I join the fight, as I am filing a lawsuit against the crown prince and their followers,” Oueiss said. It is time for the world to show them, and to all oppressive leaders, that they are neither immune nor above international law.”

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