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Latest images of corruption of bin Salman… Music and arts in curriculum

Mohammed bin Salman has stepped up his overt coup against the values of conservative Saudi society since taking office as de facto ruler of the Kingdom in the summer of 2017 to spread corruption and decay in the service of Western conspiracies.

In the latest suspicious traditions of bin Salman, the Kingdom’s education and culture ministries announced new plans to collaborate on bringing music and the arts into the school curriculum, sparking controversy on social media.

The “Accreditation of Music in Curriculum” label came first on the list of most popular tags in the Kingdom, a few hours after its launch.

The Saudis circulated the news through their personal pages on social media platforms “Facebook and Twitter,” where their views were divided on the idea, some of them deplored and some of them supported.

The Minister of Culture, “Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan” through a tweet in the “Twitter”, the details of the arts to be included in the curricula of public and private education.

He revealed the entry of music, theater and the arts in Saudi schools, after meeting with the Minister of Education. He also published an archive picture of a band of school students, enclosing it with the words: “Beautiful days, you will return”.

While the Minister of Education “Hamad Al-Sheikh” said: “I agreed in principle with His Highness the Minister of Culture to activate some arts in the activities and curricula of education, transfer of the authority to grant permits for activities and cultural and artistic paths created to the Ministry of Culture, and licensing of educational entities specialized in art and culture, and benefit Of educational theaters.”

The Teachers Club page said: “This is contrary to our religion and Sharia first, and contrary to the system of our country, which governs the law and take from the Koran and the Sunnah constitution, and a reference to its rules and provisions.”

The move was part of the kingdom’s new approach as part of the Kingdom’s alleged 2030 vision, sponsored by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to paint a more open image of the kingdom.

But this vision and steps correspond to the reservations of the conservative trend, and religious scholars in the Kingdom, but the Crown Prince launched a wide arrest campaigns among them pushed them to silence.

Observers warn that the steps taken by the Saudi authorities are faster than tolerated by a society that is raised on conservative visions and interpretations, which could lead to a backlash.

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