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Yemenis residing in KSA complain of Saud House’s injustice

Thousands of Yemenis residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have complained about the injustice of the Saudi regime and the arbitrary measures taken against them in order to restrict them as well as the practice of arbitrary deportation against many of them.

Twitters launched tweets for the Yemeni expatriates and witnessed wide participation to top the trend in Yemen and the Arabian Gulf region, including testimonies about the injustice of the Saudis and their prejudices against Yemenis coming to the Kingdom.

The expatriates highlighted the recent decisions taken by the Saudi authorities that affect the situation of expatriates, especially Yemenis, in the Kingdom, namely the increase in the value of residence fees for the worker and his family members, and the policy of forced deportation, which exacerbated the suffering of migrant workers and contributed to the deterioration of their humanitarian and living conditions.

Many expatriates pointed out that the Saudi authorities have launched campaigns of arrest among Yemeni residents and put them in prisons and sources talked about the establishment of recruitment camps to fight on the fronts of the border, giving expatriates the option of either fighting the border or imprisonment on the pretext of non-payment of fees.

The tweeters pointed to the decision to exempt the Saudi authorities of three non-Arab nationalities from expatriate labor fees at a time when Yemenis are forced to pay them.

They also complained about the fees of renewal of residency that burdened the Yemeni expatriate and forced him to work for long hours without the presence of weekly holidays in addition to the ingratitude of some companies in the holidays where the contracts provide for a month’s leave every year and some companies provide contracts for 15 days per year.

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