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Huge mockery of the Saudi Minister of Entertainment

A speech by the Chairman of the Entertainment Authority of the Saudi regime was met with “Turki Al-Sheikh” during the opening of the Riyadh season, during which he declared that he is of the middle class in the Kingdom with wide irony of the chirp.

In the speech, Turki claimed that he was from a middle-income family who had to pay for travel every two years.

The remarks raised the “Al-Sheikh” wide cynicism against him; activists considered that the adviser in the Royal Court condemned himself, and proved his lack of transparency with the public. Others also asserted that the middle class in the Kingdom cannot travel once every two years, as adviser close to Mohammed bin Salman claimed.

Activists wondered: “How can a middle-class person under the age of 40, buy a sports club in Egypt, and another in Spain, and offer attractive prizes weekly (cars).”

Activists published funny comments suggesting that the middle-class Al-Sheikh is the dream of any citizen in the kingdom.

Al-Sheikh stirred a similar controversy a few weeks ago by claiming that he “started from scratch.” Activists said they were praying for God to give them this “scratch”, which suddenly turned into billions.

A number of Saudi singers and activists demanded that the president of the entertainment authority, Turki Al-Sheikh, be relieved of his post after objecting to the activities of the Riyadh season organized by the entertainment authority.

Under the label of “exemption of Turki al-Sheikh,” the tweeters demanded the dismissal of al-Sheikh, saying that the Saudis had corrupted their customs and traditions.

Activists said by marking the exemption of Turki al-Sheikh, the demand of the people, that the controversial official wastes the money of the people and the government useless.

The tweeters’ focus on entertainment in specific aspects, most notably recruiting singers, is not beneficial to the youth group, which entertainment has promised to provide thousands of jobs.

Turki al-Sheikh is the most controversial Saudi official on social media since he was president of the General Authority for Sports in the Kingdom, but his appearance in a recent video about the activities of the Riyadh season sparked an outcry from the activity of the Entertainment Authority in the Kingdom, in addition to Many of the followers ridiculed the implementation of the propaganda campaign itself.

The campaign to remove Turki al-Sheikh from his post at the Entertainment Authority came in light of public anger over the activities carried out by the Authority and is considered by many Saudis to be contrary to religious and Islamic values in the Kingdom.

The General Authority for Entertainment was established by Bin Salman on May 7, 2016, and is concerned with everything related to entertainment activity, the first of which was Ahmed Bin Aqeel al Khatib and was relieved of his post in June 2018.

Turki al-Sheikh later assumed the presidency in December to hold suspicious entertainment events in the kingdom and concerts that sparked criticism.

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