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Abdul Jalil Al-Saeed: A Mossad agent in service of whitewashing Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s regime hired the Syrian Abdul Jalil Al-Saeed to whitewash the Kingdom deteriorated reputation internationally.

The link between the Saudi regime and Abdul Jalil Al-Saeed aroused anger and frustration among Saudi citizens and opponents.

Abdul Jalil Al-Saeed is one of the godfathers of public normalization with Israel. He is linked to the Israeli Mossad General Security Service, and he is now dedicating himself to the service of whitewashing the image of Saudi Arabia.

Al-Saeed identifies himself as a journalist and director of the Scandinavian Gulf Center for Studies. But his career reveals his enormous volatility and pursuit of money.

Abdul Jalil Al-Saeed was a cleric and a mufti and became a journalist for the opposition television. He is a Syrian national from Aleppo, born in 1985, and is 36 years old.

Al-Saeed was managing the media office of Ahmed Badr Al-Din, and he resigned in 2011. He was also a member of the dialogue organized by the Syrian regime in September 2011, where he was effective as a cleric.

He said at the time, “We are the lover of the president and his party,” meaning Bashar al-Assad, and as a result of his words, he was detained for two weeks and was arrested by the Syrian intelligence forces.

Later, Abdul Jalil Al-Saeed announced his resignation from the religious establishment and withdrew his support for the ruling party in January 2012 AD.

Then Al-Saeed began his activities against the regime through social media until he participated in the “Cordoba” conference in Spain in 2014, bringing the opposition together. He left for Sweden to seek humanitarian asylum.

Al-Saeed provoked controversy, which quickly turned into great anger after posting a picture of him with the official spokesman of the Israeli army, Avichai Adraei.

At the behest of Saudi Arabia, as a reward for his monthly financial allocations, Abdul Jalil Al-Saeed has been attacking the State of Qatar and trying to distort its positions and show hostility to it.

However, Al-Saeed’s statements and his TV interventions on channels affiliated with Saudi Arabia and its allies are usually met with solid disdain and rebuke, in light of the consensus that he was described as a mercenary and a paid media trumpet.

Al-Saeed also attacked the Sultanate of Oman on many occasions. He even specialized in attacking the Sultanate and its people, describing him as a slanderer who rudely begged for good in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Whoever follows Abdul Jalil Al-Saeed’s publications on his social media pages will find that he took a shy attitude toward Donald Trump’s decision to move the capital to Jerusalem on the pretext that the Syrian revolution is more important than the issue of Jerusalem.

He also promoted the “Good Neighborhood” program launched by Israel to help the “Free Army” wounded members. He also took advantage of the arrest of the Palestinian activist, Ahed Tamimi, to make the Israeli army appear “fair.”

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