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Houthis recognize large attack on Abqaiq in Saudi

Ansar Allah Group (Houthis) claimed responsibility for launching a drone attack on two factories belonging to the oil company “Aramco” in the province of Abqaiq and the migration of Khurais in the east of the Kingdom.

A spokesman for the group said the attack was carried out using 10 drones and caused significant damage to the targeted facilities.

Houthi spokesman threatened Riyadh o launch more attacks, noting that “the bank of targets in the Kingdom is expanding, thanks to accurate intelligence and the cooperation of honorable within the Kingdom.”

Earlier, the Ministry of Interior announced the control of two fires in two Aramco factories in Abqaiq and Khurais in the east of the Kingdom.

“At 4 am local time, Aramco’s industrial security teams started two fires in two factories belonging to the company in Abqaiq province and Khurais immigration,” the Interior Ministry security spokesman said.

The security spokesman explained that the two fires were caused as a result of being targeted by unmanned drones, and the two fires were controlled and limit their spread, and the competent authorities began to investigate.

The head of the General Authority for Entertainment in the Kingdom, “Turki Al-Sheikh”, faces a dilemma after denying that a fire broke out at the factory of “Aramco” in the city of Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia, and the recognition of the Saudi authorities later the fire as a result of drones.

With news spread about the fire, at dawn on Saturday, chirped the “Al-Sheikh,” through his account on the site “Twitter”, saying: “tendentious accounts and lies and rumors .. Praise be to God, security and safety .. Abqaiq is fine!”.

There is no talk in the Kingdom, except about the attack on two factories belonging to the oil company “Aramco”, Abqaiq province and the migration of Khurais (east of the Kingdom).

Saudi Arabia’s Abqaiq and Aramco were among the most popular tags in Saudi Arabia on Saturday after the attack, claimed by Ansar Allah (Houthis), by drones.

The activists circulated videos and photos of the attack, which was acknowledged by the Saudi authorities, before they claimed control of the fire.

The Houthis described the targeting of the manufacturers as “the largest operation in the depth of the Saudi route.”

Abqaiq, 150 km east of Riyadh, is home to the world’s largest oil refinery, and Khurais, 190 km southwest of Dhahran, is the world’s second-largest oilfield.

The Houthis called today’s attack on Aramco’s facilities a “second balance of terror”, adding that their goals bank in the kingdom is expanding day by day, and that Riyadh has no solution but to stop “aggression and siege,” they said.

The Houthi group occasionally targets military and civilian targets inside the kingdom with rocket and drones, while the coalition declares a response.

The military operations carried out by the Houthis during the last two months with drones and ballistic missiles show that the damage to Saudi Arabia economically and militarily has a great and increasing cost, especially as the shelling hit large economic and service institutions, such as oil installations, airports and military bases.

But the issue is worthwhile, and deserves to be studied, that the balance of power is in favor of the Houthis, despite the Saudi air superiority, and military and political support provided by the United States and Western parties to Riyadh.

While Riyadh is hiding its losses inside its territory, the Houthi strikes inside Yemen hit its targets and caused great damage, including the bombing of the security belt forces in Aden that left 40 people dead, including the military commander of the forces, “Abu Yamamah.”

Since March 2015, the Arab military coalition led by Saudi has supported government forces against the Houthis, and fighting has killed 70,000 people since the beginning of 2016, according to UN estimates in mid-June.

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