Yemen War

Two Saudi soldiers killed on the southern border with Yemen

Saudi Arabia announced the killing of two National Guard soldiers, on the Kingdom’s southern border with Yemen. Southern border periodically witnesses attacks and armed clashes between Saudi forces and the Houthi group.

The Saudi Press Agency SPA said that the prince of Jazan, Muhammad bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz, offered his condolences and the leadership’s sympathy for the families of soldier Luay bin Hussein Muhammad Faqihi and Fawaz bin Muhammad bin Ali Hakami.

The official agency did not clarify further details about the date and circumstances of the soldiers’ killing.

But the Ansar Allah (Houthi) group usually announces the killing and wounding of Saudi soldiers in clashes near the Yemeni border.

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The announcement of the soldiers’ death came one day after the killing of the soldier Abdulaziz bin Al-Fifi in the Jizan region.

The Houthi movement, backed by Iran, usually targets the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, and several other Saudi military sites on the border between the two countries, announcing the killing and wounding of Saudi soldiers.

The Kingdom does not usually comment on this news, which the Houthis announce almost daily.

The Houthi attacks come within the framework of the confrontation in which Saudi Arabia supports the legitimate Yemeni government.

According to the United Nations, the Kingdom has been leading a military coalition since March 2015 against the Houthi group in a war that has left the world’s worst severe humanitarian crisis.

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