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Israeli report highlights Bin Salman’s coup against the Kingdom’s values and principles

An Israeli report published by the Hebrew newspaper “Haaretz” highlighted the intensity of the coup of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman over the values and principles of the Kingdom through entertainment activities and spreading corruption and dissolution.

The Israeli journalist, Tomer Bras, said that the Kingdom “started to change, changed its destination in less than five years, and began to open up to the world,” he claimed.

Brass, who said that he visited the Kingdom recently, stated that the Land of the Two Holy Mosques has changed “there is no mention of religion or decency, which has been prevailing for decades and has been replaced by corruption and dissolution.”

“I found places that exist only in Tel Aviv, night parties, sex and mixing, but without hope for democracy,” the report, which was published in a weekend supplement in the newspaper by the Israeli journalist, explained.

He added, “The Kingdom is changing, and it is changing rapidly. Five years ago, the woman was not working and was not allowed to drive cars, and she was totally dependent on men. Today she changed from decency to openness, and it is forbidden to become permissible, from the niqab and veil, to open dresses, pants and shirts.”

And last month, cases of harassment during the Riyadh season’s parties recorded a record increase due to the corruption of the activities of the entertainment organization that organizes mixed parties for men and women in a coup against the Kingdom’s values, especially the banning of parties and mixing.

The Saudi authorities have arrested more than 200 people in Riyadh, including dozens of women, and have sanctioned them, on charges of dressing inappropriately, engaging in indecent offenses and harassment cases, according to the police.

These are the first mass arrests announced in the Kingdom in light of the social changes led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in conjunction with crackdowns on all of his opponents or critics.

In what appeared to be an organized campaign, Riyadh police said in a series of data, the last of which was on Sunday, that they arrested between 111 and Saturday 111 violators, 45 men and 66 women, “their violations included wearing inappropriate clothes in public places” and that “the penalties imposed on violators” have been imposed.

In addition, between Tuesday and Saturday, the police in the Kingdom arrested 88 accused persons of various harassment cases, after the evidence of their involvement in the crime of harassment was provided and regulatory measures were taken against them.

Like the famous “Woodstock” festival, the music buzzed for hours during three days throughout the site built specifically for the party in the desert near Riyadh, and some of them danced without their cloaks and headscarves, with men in the open air, in an unfamiliar scene.

New tourist visas have lured some visitors and vacationers, and temporary activities and entertainment areas such as safaris, a theme park and an open-air theater have attracted more than eight million visitors to Riyadh since October.

Opponents say that the Saudi government spends billions of riyals to close the eyes at home for a slower-than-expected economic growth and to avoid Western criticism of Riyadh’s human rights record, including the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi last year who did not deliver the crown prince’s image as a reformist, Its consequences.

Shocking videos of shocking sexual scandals from the festival, organized by the Entertainment Authority and spent a huge budget on it to attract dancers and artists, were released on the social networking site Twitter in the Kingdom, while the kingdom’s scholars are in prison.

The videos showed acts beyond the customs and traditions of Arab societies, for girls dancing in a “very exciting” way, as well as for explicit nudity and sexual harassment.

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