Tribes Marginalization

Demands to release Otaiba tribe’s Sheikh

Calls rejecting the policy of arbitrary arrests practiced by the Saudi authorities against citizens in the Kingdom, including the arrest of tribal sheikhs, continue.

The young Abdullah Hamad Al-Nufaie, a member of the Atiba tribe (south of the country), sent a message to the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, calling on him to release Sheikh Faisal bin Sultan bin Hamid, one of the tribe’s chief Sheikhs.

In the video, released by the account of the “detainees of conscience”, which specializes in publishing news of detainees in Saudi Arabia on “Twitter”, Al-Nafai’i said: “This is a request by Bin Salman, or an order, or advice for him, to release Sheikh Bin Hamid.”

He added: “The imprisonment of one of the elders of the Otaiba tribe caused a great impact on our men in the southern border front … and he was imprisoned without any charge.”

Activists interacted on the “Twitter” website with what Al-Nufa’i published, and Mohammed Al-Otaibi considered that what he said was “a break of the barrier of fear from the inside, and it transmits the message of the sons of the Otaiba tribe in the southern border and in the language of the matter commanding bin Salman to release the Sheikh Faisal bin Sultan bin Hameed.”

Majid Al-Asmrani said on his page with “Twitter”: “The duty is a public collective pause, as did the free and proud lion Abdullah Ahmed Al-Nafiei”.
This call came from the young Al-Nufa’i days after the Saudi authorities summoned Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Sultan bin Hamid, the brother of the arrested sheikh, to force him to sign a commitment not to “interfere in matters that did not mean”, after his request to release his brother.

On December 11, the brother of the detainee was summoned for investigation, against the background of the video, in which he appealed for his brother’s release and revealed that he had been threatened with death.

Prince Faisal bin Sultan bin Humaid is one of the largest princes of the Otaiba tribe, which is the largest Saudi tribe ever.

He was arrested after writing a series of tweets on his personal account on the “Twitter” website, in which he criticized the activities of the entertainment authority, and the state spent hundreds of millions on entertainment events at a time when the Saudi people became “a people living on loans”, according to his description.

Although the prince deleted his tweets from his personal account, the authorities stopped him, as he continues to arrest and prosecute any critic of the activities of the entertainment commission, which the conservatives see as hostile to the heritage and customs of the conservative country, and to prosecute all who criticize the president of the body.

The Kingdom witnessed, during more than two years, the arrest of hundreds of scholars, activists, and jurists, who apparently tried to express their opinion and oppose the changes taking place in the country, amid human rights demands to disclose their fate and provide them with justice.

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