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British suspicions that bin Salman be crowned king

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will be crowned the successor to his father, the current king Salman bin Abdul Aziz, a British website has said.

In an article by the British writer David Hirst, Middle East Eye reported surprising expectations for the Saudi royal family about the fate of bin Salman, revealing that people close to the ruling Saudi family believe that Mohammed bin Salman may not be crowned king of the country.

The writer pointed out that “the United States began to realize that the policies of Mohammed bin Salman in the Gulf and the region is a great burden on its military and strategic interests.”

Hearst confirmed that the royal family in the Kingdom is aware that Mohammed bin Salman has become surrounded by personalities who owe total and absolute loyalty to Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed.

The writer said that Mohammed bin Zayed used the rise of Mohammed bin Salman to power in the Kingdom to impose the agenda of the UAE through Riyadh as the leader of the year in the Islamic world.

Hirst stressed that Mohammed bin Zayed harnessed the potential of the UAE in the United States in order to pave the way for Mohammed bin Salman to rule the kingdom with the support of America, as well as strong ties with the White House.

The British writer, that the figures surrounding the crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, working to monitor what is happening within the royal family and the policies of Riyadh, and transferred to Abu Dhabi.

When Mohammed bin Salman, a young prince hungry for power, emerged, Abu Dhabi’s crown prince, the older and more likely mind-set, did not hesitate to seize the opportunity.

He and his ambassador in Washington, Yusuf al-Otaiba, not the ruling establishment in the kingdom, had paved the way for the Oval Office door in the White House to promote Mohammed bin Salman, as I mentioned in previous reports.

This is not intended to absolve the Crown Prince from responsibility for the state of terror that he has created in his country. He has since stopped coming to power to arrest, torture and abuse political opponents and his hostile or competing members of his family, all under the pretext of fighting corruption and in the name of modernization.

The rest of the kingdom’s ruling family have not lost sight of the fact that Mohammed bin Salman is now surrounded by a gang of loyalists, first and foremost of the crown prince of Abu Dhabi.

Even after their Al-Mutawa prince is in full control of the ruling family within the kingdom, the Emiratis do not stop following Riyadh affairs, monitoring what is going on there, and monitoring any deviation, whether small or easy.

The UAE leadership is alert to Saudi weakness and is treated with utter contempt, but the Emiratis are playing with Mohammed bin Salman the dangerous Russian roulette.

Hirst said the Kingdom had abandoned major Muslim issues, such as the Palestinian cause, by establishing direct ties with Israel and abandoning Islamic Kashmir to India in order to consolidate Mohammed bin Salman’s foreign relations.

Under the tutelage of Mohammed bin Zayed, the crown prince of the kingdom began to establish direct relations with Israel himself and disregard the Palestinians.

The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi has trained his student Mohammed bin Salman to ignore the feelings of Muslims and ignore the Saudi heritage, but these are heavy files that are difficult for the Kingdom to abandon, and if it happens, the cost of this in the Arab and Islamic world will be very high, and this cost will not be paid by the project Small business like the United Arab Emirates, but will be paid by a country like the Kingdom, which is getting weaker year after year under the current rule.

Saudi-UAE relations are currently in a state of tension due to differences in a number of issues, especially the war in Yemen, which was evident in the events of Aden.

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