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Saud house exploits stabbing incident in the Riyadh Season

The electronic flies arms of the Saudi regime took advantage of the stabbing incident in the Riyadh season two days ago to incite and attack opponents of the Corruption Authority and even hold them responsible.

It is not known why a Yemeni man stabbed three artists during a theatrical performance in Riyadh on Monday night, the first such incident since the Saudi regime began launching events that many in the Kingdom consider a coup against the values of Saudi society and its conservative character.

The Kingdom’s police announced that a Yemeni man had stabbed the three artists and had been arrested. State television aired images of the man storming the stage in King Abdullah’s garden during a musical performance of what appeared to be a foreign band.

A police spokesman said that the security services “dealt with the case of an attack by stabbing two men and a woman members of a theatrical group during a live performance of one of the events held at the theater of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Park in Malaz.”

The spokesman added that the attacker was arrested and found to be a “resident of Yemeni nationality” at the age of 33 years, was also seized the knife used in his possession.

Medical care was provided to those who suffered superficial wounds, according to the spokesman, who did not specify their nationality or the motive of the perpetrator.

King Abdullah Park is one of the sites hosting the two-month Riyadh season. The events are part of Bin Salman’s campaign to spread corruption and all funds.

Observers in the Kingdom widely warn that introducing such reforms into a highly conservative society carries risks and threatens to spread corruption and decay.

“The dangers of such an attack against the recent introduction of popular entertainment, incited by many clerics, are a major reason why the government has a zero-tolerance policy against attacks against change and reform,” one al-Saud arm wrote on Twitter.

Earlier this year, rights activists reported the arrest of Saudi cleric Omar al-Muqbel after criticizing the Entertainment Authority for hosting such concerts, saying they “erase the original identity of Saudi society.”

A number of others, including a poet and a tribal sheikh, were arrested as well.

“The liberals and conservatives in the Kingdom are on a collision course,” said Kantan de Pimodan, an expert at the European and American Research Institute for European and American Studies.

“After this attack we can expect a more aggressive campaign against those who oppose the Saudi push in entertainment.” The Kingdom is under international criticism for its critics, including clerics and women activists.

The Kingdom has been under the spotlight on human rights since the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi last year by Mohammed bin Salman and his aides in Istanbul.

Bin Salman plans to inject $61 billion into the sector in the coming decades. Observers see the entertainment as an attempt to silence public resentment over the economic downturn and rising unemployment in the Kingdom.

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