Boycott petition launched against “dictators” in Saudi Arabia

Freedom Forward, an international human rights group, published a petition calling for a global boycott of the tyrants that control the UAE and Saudi Arabia in light of human rights violations and the brutal war in Yemen.

The petition declared, “It is time for a global boycott of the dictators that control Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.”

The group emphasised that the boycott is an effective means of holding tyrants and human rights violators responsible. When enough individuals demand change, global powers are compelled to pay attention.

They starved and slaughtered hundreds in Yemen, tortured and incarcerated nonviolent campaigners, and exacerbated the climate catastrophe by exporting fossil fuels.

The petition emphasised that the international community must boycott Saudi Arabia’s and the UAE’s dictatorships, including their ruling institutions, financial properties, and worldwide investments.

Similar to apartheid-era South Africa, it called people, organisations, institutions, and governments to impose and enforce boycotts, divestment campaigns, and other penalties against the ruling families of the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The petition referred to the role of the UAE and Saudi Arabia in pushing the Yemeni people into a humanitarian crisis during their war on the country and their commission of massive human rights violations and war crimes, including the deliberate targeting of civilians and the use of starvation as a weapon of war.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have attacked and murdered thousands of Yemeni people using jet fuel and weaponry supplied by the United States, the United Kingdom, and other Western nations.

According to the United Nations, approximately 14 million Yemenis, or half of the country’s population, are currently enduring pre-famine conditions. Approximately 85,000 Yemeni children have died of malnutrition since the Saudi-led coalition’s military involvement began in 2015.

The petition urged civil society organisations and people of conscience around the world to help end this crisis for the Yemeni people by pressuring governments to impose embargoes and sanctions on the ruling monarchies of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, including their institutions, financial assets, and global investments.

It urged people of conscience throughout the globe to pressure all private firms, organisations, and other institutions in their countries to quit Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and to sever all economic links with the ruling families of these nations.

Many residents and citizens of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates “have also suffered significantly from these regimes’ human rights breaches and repressive policies,” according to the petition.

It emphasised that these nonviolent punitive actions must be sustained until Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates halt their famine, demolish Yemeni society, and accept global human rights values for all people.

The petition demanded that the ruling families of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates quit their destructive war in Yemen and, stop using famine and malnutrition as weapons of war; pay complete restitution to all Yemenis and other peoples who have suffered as a result of their barbaric Yemen conflict; respect the complete human rights of all Yemenis residing in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

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