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Bin Salman paid $4 billion to host a boxing match

Media sources said that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman paid $ 4 billion for a boxing game to be played inside the Kingdom.

The sources said that Mohammed bin Salman has spent a large amount of money to the organization that will organize the World Boxing Championship in Diriyah amounted to $ 1.5 billion, in addition to rewards for boxers, bringing the total to $ 4 billion.

the sources added: “It would not have been possible for the federations to agree to hold the match in the Kingdom without the huge amount paid by bin Salman to the organizer, which is $ 1.5 billion as well as the amounts paid to the boxers.”

The sources pointed out that the Crown Prince “intervened to establish a circuit and runways and full logistics services in the shield on the required specifications at a cost of not less than 2 billion dollars.

The sources pointed out: “In addition to opening visas for both Hub and bear to attend the game and allow women to parade in the ring and provide wines and entertainment on the Western way, at least $ 4 billion (15 billion riyals) will be spent in order to achieve Fantasia Ibn Salman.”

It is worth mentioning that the Kingdom has witnessed a boom in hosting sporting events, since Mohammed bin Salman officially became the Crown Prince since mid-2017.

The WWE Championship was held in Riyadh on November 2, 2018.

The match will take place in Diriyah, which includes Al-Tarif, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on the outskirts of Riyadh.

Diriyah also hosted the largest car race in the region, with the inaugural round of the ABB Formula E championship, organized by the FIA on December 15.

The match will bring the current world title holder WBCA, IBO, WBC, WBO and IBF to Mexican and Andy Rose Junior and challenge British boxer Anthony Joshua. The match will be organized by Edward Hearn’s Match Room Sports.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman paid Anthony Joshua $ 320 million, Andy Rose Jr. $ 250 million, while specialists considered it was enough for each 30 or 40 million dollars.

IBF President Suleiman Jose considered the match in King Abdullah City a violation because it did not complete the required specifications.

Riyadh is also set to host a clash between British boxer Anthony Joshua and Mexican-American Andy Ruiz on December 7, the kingdom’s General Sports Authority announced.

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