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Suspicious statement of Saudi regime supporting Trump’s Deal of the Century

The Foreign Ministry of the Saudi regime issued a suspicious statement bearing indirect support for US President Donald Trump’s deal to liquidate the Palestinian issue known as the Deal of the Century.

The State Department said it appreciates the efforts made by the US President’s administration to “develop a comprehensive peace plan between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, and encourages the initiation of direct peace negotiations under American auspices.”

She added that she had seen the US administration’s announcement of its peace plan entitled “seeing peace and prosperity and a brighter future”, and that in light of what was announced, the Kingdom reaffirms its support for all efforts aimed at reaching a just and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue.

The statement indicated that the Palestinian and Israeli sides can address any differences on any aspect of the plan through negotiations.

This disgraceful stance came from the Saudi Foreign Office, despite the explicit Palestinian and Arab rejection of the Deal of the Century, because it includes targeting Palestinian rights, foremost of which is the ceding of occupied Jerusalem to Israel.

Palestinian officials have previously said that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman pressured Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to support the US plan despite fears that it would give the Palestinians only limited autonomy within unconnected areas of the occupied West Bank without the right to return to refugees who had been displaced from their homes in my war 1948 and 1967.

Such a plan contradicts the Arab peace initiative put forward by the Kingdom in 2002, during which the Arab states offered to normalize relations with Israel in exchange for an agreement to establish a state for the Palestinians and for Israel to withdraw completely from the lands it occupied in the 1967 war.

Independent analyst Neil Patrick emphasized that King Salman appears to have reduced the “politically reckless manner” of the crown prince because of the importance of Jerusalem to Muslims.

Patrick, the main shareholder and author of the book (Saudi Foreign Policy: Conflict and Cooperation) added, “therefore, Mohammed bin Salman will not oppose the Deal of the Century, but he will also make no effort anymore to encourage its unilateral political details.”

Bin Salman’s support for the Deal of the Century is believed to stem mainly from four Jewish advisers who surround him and influence overall policies.

These are: Michael Reniger/CEO of the Qiddiya project, and one of the most important leaders who drive the vision of westernization in the country, was the vice president of MGM MIRAGE.

Masayoshi Son/President of Softbank Group and Advisor to the NEOM Project is one of the most prominent men of Sheldon Adelson who is the man of Israel in the United States.

Andrew Liveris/Bin Salman’s Special Adviser and Advisor to the Investment Fund, is one of Trump’s most prominent men and the head of his most important advisory group, the White House Advisoy Group.

Nicholas Nibbles/CEO of the Amala project, started his career with the seventh wealthiest Jewish family in America, Pritzker, and also served as vice president of one of the world’s largest gambling companies Caesars Entertainment.

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