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Saudi regime promotes the Deal of the Century again

The Saudi regime has returned to promoting the American peace plan known as the “Deal of the Century”, which seeks to liquidate the Palestinian issue and give up completely occupied Jerusalem to Israel, despite the Palestinian absolute rejection of it.

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of Saudi Al-Adil Al-Jubeir said from the Romanian capital, Bucharest, that there are positive elements in US President Donald Trump’s peace plan.

Al-Jubeir claimed that Trump’s plan “could be a basis for negotiation” between the Palestinians and Israel, ignoring the fact that it completely wastes Palestinian rights, and in the forefront of that concession on Jerusalem.

He added that the Palestinians see that this plan does not live up to their aspirations, pointing out that his country cannot negotiate in the name of the Palestinians, but its mission is to provide them with support.

This comes in light of the escalation of talk about secret arrangements taking place for a public meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, which may take place in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

The Jerusalem Post newspaper quoted the American rabbi, Mark Schneier, as saying that the United States is working to organize a summit in Cairo between Netanyahu and the leaders of a number of Arab and Gulf countries that may be led by Bin Salman.

The newspaper reported that Arab diplomats said that the summit includes the leaders of Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Bahrain, Oman and Sudan.

The newspaper added that the goal of holding the summit after the Israeli elections scheduled for next month is to create a balance for the Saudi-led forces by supporting the American peace plan.

The newspaper also reported that Schneier recently visited the Kingdom as a guest of the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on a visit during which he met Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud and Minister of State Adel Al-Jubeir.

Schneier claimed that the Kingdom “must be the country that leads the way in front of other countries along the Gulf when it comes to Trump’s peace plan.”

“There is a regional balance of power, and in order to make a real difference, the Saudis must meet the Israeli prime minister,” he added.

However, Rabbi Schneier added that the Saudis “expressed their concern that the plan (the so-called deal of the century”) must meet the minimum standards for the Palestinian state and the status of Jerusalem.

Schneier is the head of the US-based Understanding Association for Judaism and Islam, and is described as having ties to leaders in the Gulf.

In a parallel context, the Israeli newspaper “Haaretz” said that Netanyahu is in a hurry to reveal his relations with Arab countries to serve his electoral interests.

This came in a report published by the newspaper under the title “Wanted: An Arab Prince or King, for Election Photo-op With Netanyahu”, in which he stated that “Mossad chief Yossi Cohen, National Security Council Chairman Meir Ben Shabat, and all of the prime minister’s aides, in the last days of organizing a trip Netanyahu to an Arab country before the elections next March 2.

Haaretz added that Netanyahu’s favorite list is led by “If the efforts succeed and the two conduct a public meeting anywhere in the world at any time, but preferably before the election, there’s no question that it would be the prime minister’s crowning diplomatic and security achievement, and a significant contribution to Israel’s foreign relations..”

Haaretz noted that Netanyahu prefers that the meeting be ahead of the elections, because it will be a diplomatic and security achievement for him, and it will also be a major contribution to strengthening Israel’s foreign relations.

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