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Criticism of Trump administration precedes Pompeo’s visit to the Kingdom

American media have criticized the administration of US President Donald Tramp for his involvement in covering up the violations of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, ahead of Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo’s visit to the Kingdom today.

The Washington Post said that the US administration’s neglect of the violations committed by the Saudi regime has made bin Salman now believe that he can persecute any American without punishment from Trump and his secretary of state.

The newspaper reported that Pompeo’s visit will focus on the Trump administration’s campaign against Iran, but the agenda also includes the human rights file in the kingdom and US citizens imprisoned there.

And criticized the procrastination of the Saudi regime in fulfilling a promise made to the Trump administration regarding the release of the American citizen Dr. Walid Fitaihi, who was arrested by the Kingdom in November 2017, during one of the crown prince’s domestic crackdowns, was tortured and imprisoned for 21 months without charge. And the authorities of the Saudi still prevent him and seven members of his family (all American citizens) – from leaving their land.

The newspaper said that the Saudi authorities had promised US officials to acquit Fatehi and release him after a trial session on December 9 last year, but had been postponing the scheduled hearing to consider his case.

The Washington Post expressed its dissatisfaction with what it called the Saudi regime’s lack of respect for American interests, while Trump is sending thousands of soldiers and military reinforcements to the Gulf to protect the Kingdom from the Iranian threat.

She also said that, through Trump and Pompeo’s dealings with Trump, Bin Salman concluded that he could persecute journalists, opponents, and even American citizens without fear of its effect on his relationship with Washington.

She criticized the Trump administration’s handling of the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, which shocked the conscience of the world. She said Pompeo has repeatedly stated that his country is investigating the assassination and will hold those involved accountable, but the Trump administration has taken no action except for the decision to prevent major suspects in the crime from obtaining visas for America.

The newspaper concluded that American officials have been calling on the President’s administration to take measures against Saud Al-Qahtani, the adviser of Bin Salman, who is accused of overseeing the assassination of Khashoggi and is believed to be responsible for the arrest and torture of a number of prominent women’s rights activists, but Al-Qahtani still enjoys immunity.

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