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Why did Al-Jubeir and Saudi e-flies remain silent about the Emirati-Iranian rapprochement?

The Saudi e-flies and pages remained silent about the Emirati-Iranian rapprochement which sparked widespread criticism on social media.

Usually, insults, slander, and indecent assault hail from Saudi e-flies pages against anyone comes close to Iran. However, a media source said that “the e-flies are managed by state agencies and those close to the crown prince.”

The source explained to “Saudi Wikileaks” that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman feels weak and afraid of his Emirati counterpart, Mohammed bin Zayed, who is leading and moving him in the internal and regional files.

Tweeters reiterated a video clip of Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir, in which he says that “any country deals with Iran is destined for ruin and destruction.”

A few days ago, Iranian foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif announced that he discussed with his Emirati counterpart, Abdullah bin Zayed, in a video conference the developments of the new Coronavirus outbreak in the region and other issues.

The United Arab Emirates is abandoning its neighbor, Saudi Arabia, in the regional files that it ignited itself.

Former Iranian ambassador to Jordan and Lebanon, Ahmad Dastmalchian, said that the UAE knows that Trump is temporary but Iran is a strong power in the region, according to IRNA.

Dastmalchian referred to Zarif’s meeting with his Emirati counterpart saying: “I think that the UAE decided long ago to move away from Saudi Arabia and adopted its independent path.”

He added that Saudi Arabia, due to its extremist policy on regional issues, has borne heavy costs along with its allies, and in recent months we have witnessed differences in the Saudi and Emirati views regarding Yemen, and even clashes between Emirati-backed and Saudi-backed forces.

Dastmalchian considered the UAE is policy more rational than Saudi Arabia’s, saying, “For this reason, Abu Dhabi can change its policy more easily than Riyadh, and this is what we have seen in Yemen.”

He added, “From this standpoint, the UAE is currently changing its policy towards Iran because it is well aware of Iran’s regional power and the extent of its influence on issues of concern to the region and the world. The meetings of the foreign ministers of the two countries come within the framework of this policy pursued by the UAE away from Saudi Arabia.”

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