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The Ousted Sudanese President Admits Receiving Millions from bin Salman

Sudan’s ousted president Omar al-Bashir has admitted receiving 90 million dollars in cash from Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, an investigator said at his trial in Khartoum on Monday.

This came during the first session of the trial of al-Bashir, held amid severe security measures, at the Institute of Judicial and Legal Sciences in the capital Khartoum.

Ahmed Ali, police General, said at the start of the trial of al-Bashir on corruption charges, which were attended by journalists, that the former president told him that the money “was handed over by a number of delegates from Mohammed bin Salman.”

Al-Bashir acknowledged receiving $ 25 million from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and 65 million from the late King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz.

Bashir also acknowledged receiving $ 1 million from UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The investigator did not specify a precise period of time for Bashir to receive the funds, saying only that the money found in the possession of the ousted president is the remainder of the amount received from Mohammed bin Salman, the rest of the $ 25 million, and was spent on donations for educational and health services.

Bashir, who ruled Sudan from 1989 to 2019, in the cage in court wearing a traditional white robes and a turban, listened to the investigator’s testimony but did not comment.

Bashir is on trial on charges of corruption, possession of foreign exchange and “no-man’s wealth”, on the back of large sums of money found in his home.

The trial of al-Bashir was scheduled for Saturday, but was postponed to coincide with the signing of the final agreement on the transition between the Transitional Military Council and the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change, the leader of the popular movement.

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