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The disappearance of a 70-year-old Qatari and his son in Saudi

Saud House’s abuses return to the impact of the Gulf crisis with the State of Qatar, after the National Human Rights Committee in Qatar held the Saudi authorities responsible for the life of a Qatari citizen and his son who disappeared in the Kingdom.

The Qatari human rights committee said in a statement that it had received confirmed information from reliable sources, regarding the enforced disappearance of the Qatari citizen Ali Nasser Jarallah, 70, and his son Abdul Hadi, 17, in the Kingdom.

The rights committee said that the Qatari citizen and his son entered the Kingdom under a family permit on Thursday, August 15th.

The committee said that “according to information, the Qatari citizen and his son were forcibly disappeared on Sunday, August 18th, in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. They were arrested by the Saudi authorities and hidden in an unknown location.”

The Committee condemned the enforced disappearance of the Qatari citizen and his son, “which violates all international and regional covenants, in particular Article IX of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and Article 14 of the Arab Charter on Human Rights, because of the clear violation of their rights to freedom and security.”

The Qatari Committee expressed concern about this enforced disappearance, especially as the Saudi authorities recently adopted a policy of enforced disappearance of a number of Qatari citizens due to the political crisis, and called on the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the UN Panel on Enforced Disappearance and the UN Human Rights Council, to immediately intervene to stop these grave and systematic violations against Qatari citizens.

The National Human Rights Committee in Qatar recalled the efforts of international humanitarian organizations that led to a happy ending for the family of 65-year-old Qatari citizen Mohsen Saleh al-Karbi, who was detained in Riyadh and returned to Doha after his recent release.

Al-Karbi was freed after being accused, according to Saudi and Emirati media, of spying for Qatar, after his arrest on April 21, 2018, at the border shipping port between Yemen and Oman after returning from a visit to his relatives.

Qatari student Abdul Aziz Saeed Abdullah has been detained in al-Ha’ir prison, south of Riyadh, since July 2018, without any charges, and was about to graduate from the Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies at Umm Al-Qura University in 2018.

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