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Amazon Boycotts Davos in the Desert

Technology giant Amazon has embarrassed the Saudi regime by declaring a comprehensive boycott of Davos in the Desert conference against the backdrop of gross violations of the human rights regime internally and externally.

The Washington Post quoted sources in Amazon as saying the company’s chief executive, Jeff Bezos, was reluctant to attend an investment conference to be held in Riyadh on Tuesday.

The Saudi regime received a new slap from Amazon, saying that the reluctance to participate also includes executives, in a move that reinforces the tepid relations between the technology giant and the Kingdom, especially after the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was a writer in the newspaper also owned by Bezos , and the ensuing tensions with the Kingdom.

The report notes that neither side has announced a break in relations, but appears to be in a “freeze” over Khashoggi’s murder, as well as practices in which Jeff Bezos was targeted for publishing private information about him, in which Riyadh was also accused.

The newspaper pointed out that the dispute between Bezos and Mohammed bin Salman, rooted in the rejection of offers submitted by the Kingdom during the conference “Davos in the Desert.”

Amazon and Saudi Arabia were on the threshold of a $ 1 billion deal to build a data center, which has not seen the light of day. “No data center has been set up, and there are no moves this year,” a company official said.

Amazon went to invest in the Arab region when it acquired “” with a deal worth $ 580 million.

A new crisis broke out between Riyadh and Amazon because of a personal dispute between the owner of the technology giant and Mohammed bin Salman, in February.

Bezos accused Salman of being behind the leaking of photos and private messages with his mistress, who accused the National Inquirer newspaper, which is close to US President Donald Trump and used to blackmail him.

Despite the accusations against the kingdom, it persists in denying any involvement in the penetration of Bezos phone, and denies that Bin Salman was behind the killing of Khashoggi, and says that the killing was carried out by “elements outside their powers.”

Previously, the newspaper “Daily Best” that the security services of the House of Saud hacked the phone of the head of the Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos, and got him private information.

Security expert Geffen de Baker said in an article that he handed over the investigation to federal officials in the United States, adding that while he was reluctant to publish more information, he would reveal a key finding of the investigation: that investigators had come to a credible conclusion “proving Riyadh’s involvement in Bezos phone hacked.”

De Baker said that the investigation so far did not determine to what extent the company that owns Inquirer, which published photos of Bezos’s affair, knew that the information she had received was a Saudi hack, or through Lauren’s brother, Michael Sanchez. Sanchez, whose photos were published with Bezos.

The Wall Street Journal has revealed that the money that Michael Sanchez sold pictures of his sister Lauren was $ 200,000, provided by Inquirer.

Bezos, who owns The Washington Post, revealed that the Inquirer newspaper, which has already celebrated the crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, and his achievements on its main pages, extorted him through private correspondence in his e-mail, to stop accusing her of motives. Political or behind what you publish, otherwise you will publish pictures and correspondence with his mistress.

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