Yemen War

Saudi receiving assistance from Israel in war on Yemen

The Saudi regime has brought its relations with Israel to the point of alliance, including suspicious bilateral cooperation in all fields at the expense of liquidating the Palestinian cause and giving up Jerusalem.

But what is new and a dangerous precedent is the Saudi regime’s using help from Israel in its criminal war on Yemen, which has been going on for more than four years, according to Hebrew Media.

The Hebrew newspaper Ma’ariv published an investigation revealing that Israel was intervening militarily in Yemen and claiming that this was done under the pretext of defending its interests in the Red Sea and the Strait of Bab al-Mandab.

The investigation confirms that “the truth is that the Israeli intervention in the Yemeni arena was aimed at helping Saudi to hit the Iranians and liquidate the Houthis.”

The report also revealed that Israel is interfering in the war in Yemen, between the Houthis and other Yemeni forces, in favor of the Saudi interests.

The investigation questioned allegations made by Tel Aviv that the intervention in Yemen was aimed at contributing to securing the Strait of Bab al-Mandab, protecting Israeli civilian maritime navigation in the Red Sea, and ensuring that the Houthis were not exposed to it.

The report pointed out that Tel Aviv “stems from the assumption that the intensification of its presence in the Red Sea and the Strait of Bab al-Mandab, can be a deterrent to prevent the Houthis from targeting the line of trade between Israel and Southeast Asia.”

The Israeli intervention in Yemen “falls within the framework of covert interventions practiced by the Israeli army in different areas,” the report said explaining that the intervention in Yemen “is the result of prior coordination between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and his foreign minister and leader of the Likud party Yisrael Kats” .

The Hebrew investigation criticized the Israeli intervention in Yemen, wondering: “Isn’t there is enough the security problems faced by Israel so that they take care of the repercussions of developments in Yemen?”

By intervening in the confrontation inside Yemen, the Israeli army “acts as if it were mercenary forces working for the United States and Riyadh inside Yemen,” the investigation said.

“There is no justification for Israel to intervene in Yemen, just because there is an intelligence warning,” the investigation pointed out. “Israeli leaders use the secret intelligence to mislead public opinion, and to cover up the decisions of wrong intervention in the various regional arena.”

“There is no indication that the Houthi forces could threaten or are interested in Israeli interests,” the investigation said, urging the current Israeli leadership to “learn from the mistakes of its predecessors, which deliberately intervened in regional arenas that did not serve the interests of Tel Aviv.”

“The special political calculations of the Israeli officials play an important role in submitting to this type of intervention,” the investigation said. That concern for the relationship with the “Saudi lover” ultimately brought Israel to the point of intervening in Yemen. “What drives us to intervene in a tribal conflict?” Between the Houthis and tribes supported by the Saudi regime.”

The investigation pointed out that “Israel intervenes in Yemen in the wake of the failure of the Saudi regime to resolve the confrontation against the Houthi rebellion, despite the tendency of the balance of power in its favor.”

The first to hint at Israeli intervention in the right-wing war was Foreign Minister Yisrael Kats, who was briefing the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee recently, noting that Israel was intervening in areas that differed in its geographical distance from Israel.

At the time, Kats hinted at Israel’s intervention in Yemen, pointing to the fact that Israel is a member of an international coalition to secure maritime navigation in the Gulf, as well as his emphasis on Tel Aviv’s commitment to curbing Iranian expansion in the region.

It is not merely the relations between the Saudi regime and Israel, but clearly go beyond the stage of a strategic alliance.

This shameful Arab and Islamic alliance comes at the expense of selling the Palestinian cause and getting involved in liquidating it in a conspiracy plotted by Mohammed bin Salman and his team since he came to power.

With its declared rapprochement with the Israelis, the Saudi regime is fulfilling the farthest aspirations of the Israeli occupation. Its newspapers are entitled “A dream or a flag?”

Recently, Hebrew websites reported that the private plane carrying the Israeli foreign minister had passed over Saudi airspace in its way to the United Arab Emirates.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said that it is not the first time that Saudi Arabia allows Israeli aircraft to pass through its airspace. Since last March, the civil flights of the Indian shipping company Air India, which flies weekly from Israel to India, pass through Saudi airspace.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accompanied by Israeli intelligence chief Yossi Cohen to Oman in October, also passed through Saudi airspace, Yedioth Ahronoth reported.

Last week, the Israeli foreign minister participated in an environment conference in the UAE, where he also met with senior Emirati officials and discussed “bilateral relations”.

In these meetings, Israel invokes the common danger and threats posed by Iran and the Arab Gulf states, especially in the field of atom. Kats also discussed joint activity to improve economic relations between Israel and the UAE in the fields of technology, agriculture, energy and water.

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