Yemen War

The Pentagon restricts intelligence support to Saudi

The US Department of Defense announced that the United States had restricted its limited intelligence and tactical advisory support to the Saudi-led Arab coalition’s operations in Yemen.

The Pentagon spokesman, John Kirby, said that this came according to the details related to the US administration’s announcement of ending its support for Saudi Arabia and the UAE in the operations carried out in Yemen.

Kirby said, in response to questions from the daily press conference on President Joe Biden’s instructions, the Department of Defense has cut off all non-combat support.

He stated that cutting support includes intelligence, some advice and tactical support.

He added that Saudi Arabia is still a partner of the United States, but Biden’s instructions relate to operations in Yemen.

Kirby also stated that the United States continues to review its support for Saudi Arabia.

Earlier Friday, Kirby said, “We are committed to helping Saudi Arabia, and other Gulf partners defend their borders in light of the threats from Yemen.”

He stressed that the decision to stop US support for Yemen operations “will not affect efforts to combat Al Qaeda and ISIS organizations in Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula.”

On Thursday, the United States announced it was stopping support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen and appointing an envoy to push for a diplomatic solution.

Washington confirmed that the decision was taken after communicating with officials from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, to prevent “the policy of surprise.”

On January 27, Washington announced that the Biden administration had temporarily frozen some arms sales to the UAE and Saudi Arabia to review these agreements.

These steps come after Biden pledged during his election campaign to prevent American weapons in military operations in Yemen launched by the coalition. The UAE is the second-largest force after Saudi Arabia.

The conflict in Yemen has claimed thousands of lives and triggered widespread famine and a humanitarian crisis among the worst in the world.

After Biden’s decision, on Thursday evening, reliable sources revealed to the Saudi Leaks about a state of confusion in the Saudi royal court in dealing with the American decision.

The sources said that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman watched US President Joe Biden’s speech last night with anger and shock.

The sources stated that bin Salman showed confusion and confusion in dealing with Biden’s decision and did not reach any formula with his aides for the appropriate Saudi response.

According to the sources, bin Salman finds himself under severe pressure on Yemen’s situation since the start of the escalating war six years ago.

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