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Saudi Abuses Palestinian Pilgrims

Not only Saud House conspires on the Palestinian issue and accelerates the pace of public normalization with Israel, but they have gone on a series of violations against the Palestinians, such as the arrest of hundreds of them who have been living in the Kingdom in recent months.

In the most recent violations the Palestinians right, Saudi prevented thousands of Palestinian pilgrims from refugees in Syria and Lebanon from carrying out the rituals of pilgrimage this year arbitrarily and without justification.

Even those who are allowed to obtain Hajj visas, Saudi deliberately abuses and humiliates Palestinian pilgrims when they arrive at the Kingdom to perform Hajj this year.

Video clips appeared on social media sites showing the extent of the suffering of Palestinian pilgrims for long hours on the borders of the Kingdom where they left the ground until they were allowed to enter.

International human rights organizations denounced the refusal of the Al-Saud regime to grant Hajj visas to the Syrian Palestinian document holders despite their completion of the necessary documents and conditions.

The organization emphasizes that the Al-Saud system continues to politicize the pilgrimage and ignores the suffering of the Palestinians, especially the Palestinians in the refugee camps. This was not the first time that the Palestinian was prevented from Hajj and Umrah.

The Saudi regime is floundering in its dealings with Muslims and exploiting all opportunities to provide places of pilgrimage for loyalists of the Saudi regime of politicians and media at the expense of Muslims around the world.

In the meantime, a fire broke out in the housing of the pilgrims of the Gaza Strip, but there were no deaths or injuries.

The fire was a result of an electricity problem, and 700 Palestinian pilgrims were evacuated from the hotel.

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