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Saudi authorities affixed electronic tag on preacher Muhammad Al-Arifi

Saudi sources revealed that the Saudi authorities affixed an electronic tag to surveil the movements of the preacher Muhammad Al-Arifi.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s crimes are not limited to opposition figures and preachers and occasionally affect personalities loyal to him and his policies.

Since his rise to power, Bin Salman has deliberately thrown in prison and humiliated dozens of them have.

In a new crime, the famous Saudi singer Mujtahid revealed a serious surprise about the status of the well-known Saudi preacher, Dr Muhammad Al-Arifi.

In a series of tweets, Mujtahid said Al-Arifi is living in poor conditions and is under security pressure by the Saudi authorities.

Mujtahid emphasized that Sheikh Al-Arifi is going through a terrible psychological situation.

The famous account attributed this to security pressures exerted on him by the oppressive Saudi regime.

The Twitter account also indicated that the Saudi intelligence service’s disposal seized Al-Arifi’s social media accounts.

A surveillance bracelet was also affixed on his leg, and he required limiting his movements and seeking permission for any non-routine activity.

In the tweet, Mujtahid also noted that Sheikh Muhammad Al-Arifi has surveillance devices in his house and car, and all of his talks were monitored by the intelligence.

The account concluded its tweet by saying: “He is summoned a lot to the intelligence officers only to insult and humiliate him.”

It is noticeable recently that the preacher Muhammad Al-Arifi has completely disappeared from the scene and has not appeared in any religious programs. He has also stopped posting in his accounts on social media sites.

The last tweet of Sheikh Al-Arifi was in the year 2019. Specifically, on May 6, when he was talking about the holy month of Ramadan and its virtues.

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