Rights group: Brutal repression in Saudi Arabia violates the laws

Sanad human rights organization said that Saudi Arabia had witnessed brutal repression that constitutes a flagrant violation of all international laws since Mohammed bin Salman assumed the position of Crown Prince more than five years ago.

In a statement on its website, the organization highlighted that the Saudi regime continues to violate the provisions of international human rights law, especially regarding the brutal repression perpetrated against the people.

On top of these violations are the regime’s arbitrary arrests of activists and expressionists. According to the organization, the government violated Article 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Article 9 states that no person may be arbitrarily arrested, detained or exiled. But the regime has been carrying out continuous arbitrary arrests for more than five years against the peaceful expression of opinion, which has put the human rights situation in a constant decline.

Sanad Organization condemned the repressive policy of the bin Salman regime, calling on international human rights bodies to increase pressure on the government to end the file of prisoners of conscience in the Kingdom and to consolidate the principle of justice and fairness for detainees who suffer systematic abuse in detention.

Maha Al-Qahtani, the detainee’s wife, Dr Muhammad Fahd Al-Qahtani, expressed her concern about her husband’s condition inside the prison. For not calling on time to reach from inside the prison.

Maha Al-Qahtani stated that she was concerned about her husband not calling at his usual time, noting that he might be harassed and prevented from communicating after he filed a complaint with the prison administration against the background of the harassment and violations that took place inside the prison wing.

The wife of Dr Muhammad Fahd Al-Qahtani continues to reveal the secrets about her husband’s condition and the violations and harassment he is subjected to inside the prison by the jailers.

It is noteworthy that Al-Qahtani entered the prison 3,517 days ago as part of a campaign of arrests that included the founders of the Hasm Human Rights Association, where he was arrested by the court immediately after the verdict was issued against him without the approval of the ruling by the Court of Appeal. He is still languishing in Al-Ha’ir Prison in Riyadh amid deliberate procrastination and systematic abuse.

In this context, ALQST expressed concern over human rights activist Muhammad Al-Qahtani, after he was prevented from communicating with his family, and the prison administration refrained from giving any information about him to his family.

The organization indicated that Al-Qahtani had recently submitted a complaint about harassment and ill-treatment in Saudi prisons.

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